5 Favorite Things May 2021

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a favorite things post so I figured in advance of summer would be the perfect time. Here are 5 things I’ve been loving lately!

favorite one piece swimsuit

One-Piece Wrap-Style Swimsuit + Cover Up

It was 90 degrees by us a few days ago so we headed to the beach. When I posted a photo of me with baby M in my swimsuit, I got about a gazillion questions about it.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the highest quality so I was SO surprised when it arrived! The material is thick and soft and supportive. I love the flattering cut and it has good coverage. And it comes in a bunch of colors!

I will say that if you’re really large-chested, I’m not sure if the top would provide enough support/coverage. But if you have a small- or medium-sized chest, this suit is perfect!

I also grabbed this cute shirtdress-style cover up to take along on our trip to the Maldives and it was perfect. Cool and breezy while still providing coverage. It also dried super fast!


Is it just me or is it enormously tricky to find a good hat? I really struggle to find one that works on me and has a wide enough brim to provide coverage, but isn’t so floppy that I can’t see. This hat checks all the boxes!

It’s cute and has the perfect width brim. It’s even adjustable for different head sizes!


I resisted getting Airpods for a long time because they’re pricey. But after upgrading my phone after 4 years, my new phone doesn’t have a headphones jack. So I finally broke down and got them. And guess what? I LOVE them.

I don’t know if it’s the shape of my ears or what, but most earphones fall out of my ears constantly. I’m talking like every minute or two, even when I’m sitting still. It’s very irritating. And of course, I don’t generally want to travel or run errands with big headphones over the top of my ears.

I tried out a run with these and they didn’t fall out a single solitary time. It was so nice having text messages read to me so I didn’t have to pull out my phone, and I loved the volume controls. In short, I’m a convert!

I got my Airpods at Target when they were on further sale, but right now, they’re cheaper at both Walmart and Amazon. I went with this model for the safety features with volume control and still being able to hear important outside noise.

Family Passport Case

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a passport case that holds more than a couple passports, and over 4 is almost impossible. This case holds EIGHT passports – perfect for our big family. It also has a zipper pocket and other slots for boarding passes, Global Entry cards, and more. I honestly don’t know how we traveled internationally without it. I even love it for storing and keeping all our passports organized at home!

We pulled it back out for the first time in a long while when Dan and I went to the Maldives a couple weeks ago, and I remembered just how useful it is. We almost didn’t bring it this time since we didn’t have all the kids with us, but packed it at the last second. And I’m SO glad. Even with just two people, it was so nice to have a case to zip everything up so we weren’t constantly searching for things, and we knew everything stayed secure.

Plus, it was nice to have our own pen in there that wasn’t being touched by hundreds of other people. This passport case is truly something I will never leave behind when traveling internationally.

If you don’t need a case with quite that many slots, this one holds up to 6 and comes in several cute colors!

Cookie Scoop

My old cookie scoop bit the dust a little while ago – the spring was sticking and the piece that scoops out the inside was getting rusty and not moving smoothly. So I decided to purchase some better quality ones that came very highly recommended. And they’ve absolutely lived up to the hype.

They click so smoothly, work perfectly, and clean easily. Can’t ask for more! I purchased both the #40 cookie scoop and the #20 cookie scoop sizes and love those two sizes for a normal sized cookie and for a giant cookie.

Anything you’ve been loving lately? I’d love to hear!

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