10 Products I’ve Loved in 2022

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I’ve done a post of some of my favorite products of the year for the last couple years, and it’s one of my favorites to write. It’s so fun thinking through the things that have been functional and brought me joy over the year!

Here are 10 of my favorite items from 2022 – I’d love to hear if you love any of them, too!

Kate Spade Earrings

I purchased my first pair of Kate Spade earrings last Black Friday, and I’ve worn them nonstop all year long. I’ve purchased several more since – I love these, these, and these, and my daughter is getting these for Christmas. I love that they tend to be pretty and simple, and also very lightweight. My ears are very sensitive, and these are some of the few earrings that aren’t real gold that don’t bother them one bit.

I’m obsessed and chose one of these pairs to wear most days. They also have some terrific deals still going on lots of pairs!

Crude Oil Facial Cleanser

I used a fairly harsh facial scrub for years and years and while it kept my face relatively clear, I still had occasional breakouts and my skin was also crazy dry. I’ve tried a few other solutions but they either didn’t work well or still dried out my skin.

Last year, I started using the Crude Oil facial cleanser and cleansing cloths. And I’ve had zero breakouts since I started using it. None. Zilch.

Even better, my face is SO much less dry with using an oil-based cleanser. I love feeling like it gets every bit of makeup and grime off but still moisturizes. I love it. You can use the code PREETHI20 for an additional 20% off your order.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea

If you’ve been around for half a second, you’ve probably heard me mention this tea. Because it’s the best ever. No, really, it is – confirmed by the fact that every time I mention it, at least 5 of you reply to say it really is the best!

This tea comes in both a rooibos-based herbal variety and a traditional black tea variety. I’ve only had the herbal kind, but have heard the black kind is amazing, too. It truly is the best to have on a cozy evening, to send as a gift to someone going through a tough time, or simply to offer to a friend.

The Dress

This is another one where if you’ve been around in the last few months, you’ve surely seen me wear and/or talk about this dress, lol. It’s pretty , comfortable, and has functional buttons (perfect for nursing). It’s flattering on so many different bodies. Its only downfall is that it doesn’t have pockets (though I’m considering having a tailor insert them), but I usually wear it with a belt bag.

I also have a long sleeve version that’s almost identical (but from a different brand) that I also love!

Charging Station

It’s kind of unbelievable just how many of our kids’ devices need charging around our house. Between the kids’ school Chromebooks, the Gabb phone, and the kids’ Kindle readers, I was losing my mind with all the cords everywhere. Dan found this little charging station with a slim profile and it’s been amazing.

Biossance Mineral Sunscreen

I love lots of products from Biossance, but this mineral sunscreen is one of my very favorites. I love that it’s zinc-based, but still is moisturizing and blends in very easily, even with darker skin. It’s also reef-safe. The best!

Rumpl Everywhere Mat

Rumpl makes amazing blankets for outdoor adventures, but my favorite product of theirs is actually the Everywhere Mat. I love that it’s waterproof on bottom and folds up so small – perfect for picnics on the go. We use it when hiking, for the playground, or even in our front yard.

I also really love the mini original puffy blanket – it’s perfect for stashing in the car and for cuddling around baby S in the baby carrier on chilly days. You can use the code PASSPORTFAM10 to get 10% off anything on the site.


Perhaps it is a sign you are nearing 40 when you add scissors to one of these lists. But truly – these are the best scissors and very inexpensive. Sharp and cut so well, and comfortable to hold (at least, if you’re right-handed). We have at least two sets of 3 floating around our house.

Waterproof Outer Layers

I’ve long believed in the power of a good rain jacket, and I love this one for myself. But it wasn’t until this summer that I realized just how wonderful quality waterproof bottoms can be, too.

We each took a pair of rain pants on our trip to Alaska this summer, and I can’t tell you how much having these pants helped me have so much more fun than I would’ve otherwise. It’s just no fun being wet all day, especially when it’s chilly. These pants kept me dry and toasty on a few days with tons of rain. I also wore them a couple times when cold on boats even when it wasn’t raining, and they were a terrific wind-proof layer that kept me way warmer. I’m a total convert now.

Roen Les Bois Candle

Okay, let’s get this out of the way up front – this is a stupid expensive candle. And it also smells like absolute heaven on earth. It’s incredible and the perfect wintry scent, but not necessarily Christmassy. It also lingers and smells incredible for a long time, even after the candle is no longer burning. Honestly, I cannot believe I am considering paying money for another one but it’s just that good (and is a limited scent).

There you have it! Ten of my favorite products from 2022. Did you fall in love with any items this year? I’d love to hear what they are!



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