15 Favorite Products in 2023

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For the last several years, I’ve loved thinking through some of my favorite products over the year. I love seeing what has stood the test of time and what I’ve used most. I’m a big believer in cost per use and especially since we try to keep things a little more minimal in our home, I like to focus on things that really get used regularly and are functional and versatile.

Here are 13 of my favorite products in 2023 that I’ve used tons at home and when traveling. I’d love to hear some of your favorites from the year in the comments, too!

(And if you’re interested in previous years, here are my lists from 2022, 2021, and 2020.)

Portable Mini Phone Charger

If there’s one product I’ve talked about endlessly this year, it’s this portable mini charger. I basically never leave home without it – it’s so tiny and easily fits in a belt bag or pocket, and doesn’t require any cords. I love the peace of mind knowing I have it if my phone gets low on battery!

This is the one I’ve used and loved all year and it’s worked great. This is a less expensive one (comes as a 2-pack) that I got more recently that also seems to work well so far. And this is what Dan uses for his Android phone.

Kibou Diaper Belt Bag

This diaper belt bag is something else I’ve used nonstop this year – it’s the best little bag I’ve found for adventuring with a baby in 13 years of parenthood. I love that it’s roomy enough to hold a few diapers and snacks, but is still really streamlined, small, and not bulky. It’s so easy to wear and looks cute with everything. Plus, it has a wet wipes pocket, fold-out changing pad, and credit card slots – it’s amazing.

It rarely goes on sale but is currently 20% off!

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

I’d somehow never owned a pair of black Chelsea boots (or any Chelsea boots, really) before, but moving to London had me convinced it was time. And boy was it. I’ve worn this pair almost every single day since purchasing them a few months ago, through fall and into winter. They’re great in all sorts of weather (my feet have stayed bone dry in the rain), are comfortable for walking miles, and go great with a huge variety of outfits (perfect for travel). Plus, Dan had a pair of Dr. Martens when he was a missionary and they’re the ONLY pair of shoes that lasted the entire time, so I’m sure these will stand up, as well. I seriously love them so much.

Whittard Hot Chocolate

Before discovering Whittard, I would ONLY make homemade hot chocolate. Since then, it’s become the only hot chocolate mix I’ll use. I actually found out about Whittard last December when we did their hot chocolate advent and fell in love. Since then, I’ve had a cup pretty much every day the weather is below 70F, ha. It’s so delicious and I love so many flavors, but marzipan, hazelnut, and gingerbread are probably my favorites.


Speaking of hot chocolate, a frother is a game changer. I also got this at the end of last year and it’s really stepped up my hot chocolate drinking. I love that it makes it light and foamy! This one is terrific and has worked perfectly all year long, no battery changes needed.

Blue Facial Oil

Since I started using my beloved oil cleanser a couple years ago, I’ve had a grand total of about 3 zits, which happened just after traveling and tired. It’s amazing. (Use code PREETHI20 for 20% off.)

When I did get those couple, though, I applied this blue facial oil and each time, they were gone the next day. I’m not really sure what it does but it’s some serious witchcraft magic that also works great on my oldest’s bit of teen acne. (Use code LOCALPASSPORTFAMILY for 20% off.)

Kinfield Sunscreen & Deodorant

I’ve talked about this sunscreen since the start of the year because I love it SO much. I absolutely love the rosy glow and especially that it doesn’t leave a white cast for darker skin (though it works great on lighter skin, too). It’s perfect under makeup for everyday or for more intense sun protection, and is all mineral-based.

This fall, I started using the clean deodorant from the same brand and I LOVE it. I don’t like deodorants that have really strong scents, but this one is light and fresh and actually WORKS (not always true with natural deodorants). I love that it’s only a deodorant (not an antiperspirant) and uses refillable packaging. It’s seriously amazing.

Code LPF15 works for 15% off the whole site!

Smooth Peppermint Lip Balm

Who knew I could feel so passionately about a lip balm? This was one of those I threw in my online Target cart when ordering something else because I needed lip balm and it had all 5 star reviews (it’s rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon, which is crazy high). I figured, what could be so special about lip balm?

Turns out all the reviews were right and it’s fantastic – so smooth and actually heals lips and doesn’t dry them out more like some lip balms do. It has a light peppermint scent but isn’t overpowering. It’s my fave.

Wireless Charging Stand

I upgraded my charging setup last year to this 3-in-1 charging stand for my phone, watch, and AirPods. I love that it minimizes cords and looks so much nicer. Plus, it forces me to put my phone down to charge instead of still using it in bed while it’s plugged into a cord.

I recently got this folding travel version that I’m excited to try!

Bubbsi Coconut Oil Balm

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about this amazing coconut oil balm. I love it for dry skin for all ages, from babies (perfect for sensitive skin) to myself. It smells absolutely incredible and is so so smooth. My kiddo with crazy dry skin that’s also really sensitive loves this one the most because it smells so good and is really smooth to rub on.

Lash & Eyebrow Serums

After giving birth to baby S, I had quite a few eyelashes fall out, which hadn’t ever happened before. Suddenly, my fairly long lashes were really short and it was so sad, mostly because I wanted them to be healthy. I started using the essential lash serum and it helped SO much and they’re basically back to what they were before. I’ve also used the amplifying brow serum for ages and it is the only thing that helped bring my overplucked 2007 eyebrows back to life, thank heavens.

Use the code PREETHI15 for 15% off.

Manual Food Chopper

Each year, I participate in a women’s Easter basket exchange and it’s so fun. This past year, the girl who had me included this little manual food chopper. Admittedly, I was pretty skeptical; I’ve had similar things before and not used them. But this one is amazing. I especially love that it’s manual, so there’s nothing to plug in and my kids think it’s so fun to pull the cord. It’s quick to use and perfect for those times when chopping a few onions takes a longer time but it’s not worth getting out a full electric appliance.

Mini Gold Claw Clips

I got some of these mini gold claw clips this fall and I’ve worn them nonstop. I love that they don’t tug at my curly hair and look pretty without being overly dressy. Perfect for everything from the playground to church.

Double Ended Makeup Brush

I got this makeup brush before our summer travels and have used it every day since. I love that it has smaller and a larger ends; I use the smaller one for concealer and the larger one for blush. It’s especially great for travel so I only need one brush and so I don’t need to get concealer on my fingers if applying on the go.

Multi Oil-to-Lather Body Wash and Moisturizer

You know the friend who sent me the food chopper? She also sent me this oil body wash and it’s incredible. It’s just sooo luxurious and hydrating, especially through winter. This is one of those items that I looked up and ordered a few weeks after moving to London because I realized how much better it is than everything else at moisturizing and feeling like you’re in a spa when taking a shower. I use the moisturizer right after showering and it’s also amazing and the combo is the only thing that keeps my skin from feeling all itchy – I immediately notice if I use something else.



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