I’ve loved photography for years and have felt fortunate to practice in so many beautiful settings. I’m always trying to continue to improve and do lots of research, especially before visiting a new location, about styles and lighting. So I was super excited when I saw a $0.99 sale on this Outdoor Photography Guide with tons of different courses and tips. Less than a dollar for a full year of learning and I was totally sold.

I’m really excited to learn more about everything from composition and leading lines to lighting to post processing (I’m currently in the middle of a Lightroom editing video). So far, it seems like there’s info for a variety of levels and it’s clear and accessible. I’m very excited to dig in more and hope you will join me!

If you’re interested in either starting to learn about or leveling up your photography skills, I hope you also sign up for a premium 1-year membership for $0.99!