5 Days of Diwali with Kids


A simple and fun resource to help families celebrate the 5 days of Diwali



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I spent much of my childhood trying my hardest to learn about all of the “normal” holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I didn’t want to feel like the outsider by learning about Hindu holidays that no one else in my school celebrated. Plus, it’s tricky to learn about traditions and meaning in a vacuum, when it isn’t being taught regularly and frequently.

Fast forward to being an adult who wishes she had learned more as an adult, and had more educational opportunities for it. Because of that, it’s super important to me to help my children learn the history, spiritual significance, and cultural traditions while they’re still young – and I love learning along with them.

I wanted an easy resource to help our family celebrate the 5 days of Diwali with easy activities, books, and videos. I couldn’t find something simple and straightforward, so I created this resource! It’s been wonderful remembering my family’s traditions, which are even different from those in other regions of India.

I hope it’s just as educational and fun for your family as it is for ours!



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