DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant

I’m well aware that homemade deodorant makes me sound like a total hippy dippy.  Maybe I am.  Either way, I love this stuff.  I think it works at least as well as commercial deodorants (maybe better), smells fabulous, is cheap, … Read More


Resolution Check-In

Do a monthly resolution check on the 30th of the month – check! Health ·      Run a race (either 10K or half marathon, or both) – found a 10k to run on 5/19 ·      Prepare one recipe from a cookbook … Read More


Stripes & A Flash of Yellow

 Shirt/Cardi: H&M; Pants/Shoes: Target; Umbrella: Ikea Have I mentioned how hard it is to take outfit pictures when it gets dark at approximately 3pm? About once?  A week?  And how I cannot for the life of me seem to remember … Read More



There are probably some people out there who seem perfectly normal on their blogs and are total weirdos in person.  Janssen & her family are not those people.We headed down to Texas this last weekend, and Janssen was sweet enough … Read More


4 Months

Sweetest C, Oh my, but you are just the sweetest little baby there ever was.  Seriously, this month has made even more apparent what an absolute sweetheart you are.  You just smile and giggle all day long.  You only fuss … Read More



I have a funny relationship with goals.  I really love them.  But I have a hard time doing things without them.  Like the last two weeks?  I suppose I could’ve started practicing my violin more consistently or pulling out my … Read More


Roasted Mushroom and Kale Calzones

1 batch pizza dough (I usually use this one with a very few minor tweaks for making it by hand) 1 16 oz package sliced mushrooms 1 T olive oil Coarse salt, such as sea or kosher Several big handfuls … Read More


Baby headbands

So. Let’s talk baby accessories.  It’s probably fairly clear that I totally love little boy ties and suspenders and all that.  But I have some reservations about baby girl things.  I’m going to go ahead and be honest here and … Read More



   Sweater: F21; Shirt: Downeast Basics; Jeans: Target; Booties: Zappos; Scarf: India Here’s a confession to start off your Monday: I have a love/hate relationship with scarves.  I know, they add color and texture and everyone loves them but I … Read More



  Blouse: thrifted; Cardi: Gap; Skirt: made by me; Necklace: made by my husband; Earrings: Shabby Apple; Scarf: F21; Heels: Payless I just felt so pretty in this outfit.  There’s just something about pink and gold and a shimmery scarf … Read More


Reusable Zippered Snack Bags

Did I mention just how delightful our holidays were?  Lots of fires (in our fireplace!), yummy food, family, and, most importantly, having Dan home for 10 days straight.  Heaven.  It’s hard to re-enter the real world, but I suppose it … Read More


New Year, New Layout

  Sweater: F21; Blouse: c/o Go Jane; Jeans: F21; Boots: Payless; Earrings: Shabby Apple Happy new year, friends!  We just took it easy over here and relaxed at home with some tasty snacks (mmm blue cheese stuffed dates and guac), … Read More