This weekend, we headed to a nearby beach for a day – our first of the season, and oh, it was the best.  There was water playing (warm enough for even this wuss to get in past her knees) and … Read More


Caprese Pasta Pomodoro

I kind of have a thing for perfectly ripe tomatoes.  As we’ve tried to eat more seasonally the last few years, I generally try to refrain from purchasing them during off months.  This also means that I purchased no fewer … Read More

10 Months

Kina baby, Happy 10 months!  I’m simultaneously amazed that you are almost a year old, and shocked that you haven’t even been with us that long.  I can’t believe how big you’re getting and how much you’re learning. Your little … Read More


Nursing Wardrobe Essentials

I often commented while I was nursing Nat that I felt it was easier dressing a pregnant belly than it was to dress while breastfeeding.  You need easy access but still good coverage, some layers but not too many, nothing … Read More


I Scream

I think people sometimes think I’m kidding when I tell them it’s one of Dan’s life goals to have a deep freezer, mostly for the purpose of ice cream storage.  They would be wrong.Somehow, it just seems right and good … Read More


Crafty crafty

Today’s thoughts are c/o the originality gallery and mostly are that summer weekends are the best. Blueberry picking, a little friend’s baptism, practicing a violin duet for church, going to church, watching Sister Act, grilled pizza, finishing a fantastic book, … Read More

No-Bake Strawberries & Cream Pie

Remember how this weeknight vegetarian series was, in large part, motivation for me to plan meals ahead of time?  Well, I am nothing if not very on top of all the things, and thus waited until 45 minutes before guests … Read More


Summer Travels: East Coast

Oh, hello, Interworld!  Nice to see you again after a gloriously unplugged week (glorious except for the 8 million emails to which I returned. that was not glorious.).  And because everyone loves pictures of vacations you have not taken, behold … Read More