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Here are some wonderful Chilean recipes, as well as a bit about an important Chilean scientist.

Chilean Recipes for Kids

Porotos Granados (bean stew)

The Chilean word for beans – porotos – is thought to come from the indigenous Quechua language. Beans were also an important part of the Mapuche diet.

Porotos granados is a Chilean bean soup with lots of fresh vegetables during the summer harvest. While it is traditionally made with cranberry beans, those can often be difficult to find outside of Chile. Here’s a recipe that uses either pinto or cannellini beans. It’s simple and delicious!

Leche Asada (Roasted Milk)

Leche Asada is similar to a flan. This caramelized custard only takes 10-15 minutes to prep and then requires baking in the oven.

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Animals in Chile

The pudú is the smallest deer in the world and is shorter than two pencils. The 12” tall pudú is very good at hiding, so you would have to spend a long time deep in the forests of Southern Chile if you wanted to see them eating their fruits and berries.

The Andean condor is the largest flying bird in the world. An Andean Condor’s wings, when fully extended, reaches 14.5 feet – or wider than than two minivans side by side. This majestic giant has become a symbol of Chile and is part of the Chilean coat of arms.

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Featured Chilean Scientist: Cecilia Hidalgo Tapia

Cecilia Hidalgo Tapia is a Chilean biochemist and teaches at the University of Chile. After earning her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chile, she completed postdoctoral studies at the National Institutes of Health in the United States. She received a Guggenheim Fellowship for her studies. She studies cell biology and has served on the Presidential Advisory Committee for science.

She was the first woman to win the National Prize for Natural Sciences.

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