I have a few different pairs of athletic shorts I love for working out, hikes, and more. All of these also have pockets!

  • Bike shorts – These are my favorites for running or if I’m moving around a lot. They’re so soft and the waistband is smooth and doesn’t roll or ride up. They’re also the perfect length and have fitted side pockets.
  • These are a looser fit and have a built-in brief. I love these when it’s extra hot on a hike or to wear over a swimsuit as they’re very lightweight and dry quickly.
  • These are some of my favorites for regular hikes as they’re looser and cool but also have a built in bike short underneath that has a fitted pocket for a cell phone.
  • I love this athletic skirt with built in bike shorts under. This one is really lightweight and comfortable and I love it for hiking or other sports.
  • Finally, I loved these maternity bike shorts while pregnant!