We absolutely love Kindle Unlimited, especially during summer travel season. It gives us unlimited access to thousands of books so we don’t have to take up tons of space and weight carrying physical copies with us. They’re perfect for my kids’ Kindles and I use it all the time just with the Kindle app on my phone.

Right now in advance of Prime Day, they’re offering 3 months of Kindle Unlimited completely for FREE. Zero cost. It’s an incredible deal and you can easily turn off auto-renew so it doesn’t charge you at the end if you don’t want to keep it. (Just go into Your Account, Memberships & Subscriptions, Kindle Unlimited Settings, and click Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership. You’ll still have access to your books until the end of the trial period!)

It’s the perfect thing to have on hand during summer travel season to give kids (and adults!) plenty of options to read, learn, and explore through books. Do not miss this amazing deal – sign up here!