India Movement Activities

Cricket and badminton are popular in India. Here’s a simple badminton set if you’d like to play on your own. It’s a perfect backyard activity!

The earliest known predecessor of chess was probably invented in India. If you’ve never played before, it’s a perfect time to try out this Indian game!

Indian Dance

Dance is also very popular in India. A few popular dance forms are Bharathnatyam, Bollywood, and Bhangra. Bharathnatyam is a classical dance form, often used to communicate Hindu teachings. Bollywood dance is typically used in that style of movie. Bhangra is a very active dance form with lots of shoulder and leg movement. Here are a couple of fun videos to learn some bharathnatyam and bhangra steps!

YouTube video
YouTube video

Play: Children’s Indian Folk Games

Indian Music for Kids

There are many different kinds of music in India! Bollywood, or Indian romantic film, music is popular and catchy. Bhajans are used for prayers. Carnatic music is a type of classical music often featuring an instrument called the veena. There are many more!

Indian National Anthem

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