Base layers are an absolute essential for us for cold weather travel, or really any travel. The wool ones are wonderful in warmer weather, too, since they breathe so well. They’re great for layering or wearing as pajamas. They’re perfect and useful holiday gifts!

Wool Base Layers for Families

We especially love wool base layers because they can be worn multiple times without being washed since wool resists odors and has self-cleaning properties. It’s the best!

Here are our favorite wool base layers:

Men’s top and bottom

Women’s top and bottom

Kid’s top and bottom


We also really love this Canadian brand!


Inexpensive Base Layers for Kids

If you’re not going to use them frequently, don’t mind doing more wash, or want a spare set, we also love these inexpensive base layers. They’re ultra warm and a fantastic price. I prefer the Ultra Warm ones (they really are warmer).

When heading to cold weather, we often travel with one set of wool and one set of these. You can even double them if it’s really frigid! They’re currently on sale, too!

Men’s top and bottom

Women’s top and bottom

Kid’s top and bottom

Baby top and bottom