There are some great Prime Day deals out there, especially if your family loves to travel and explore the outdoors and places around the world. Here are some of our very favorite deals!


We do so much digital reading, especially while traveling abroad or in the RV. But even at home, I’d say my kids read digital versions of books 85% of the time. They go through books like CRAZY and it just removes one whole level of stress from my life to not need to constantly check out and return and go to the library to keep them in books.

I decided long ago that to me, it’s well worth it to have them use a device to read (though this hardly counts as a device in my mind since it literally does nothing other than allow them to read, and the screen is so much better on eyes than other electronics) if it means they’re reading so many more books.

Kindle Unlimited is SO helpful with that. I thought it would be lame, but there are so many fantastic options and it is a total lifesaver when there are long holds for the library’s digital books. Right now, you can get FOUR MONTHS totally, 100% for free. You can even turn off auto-renew so you don’t need to remember to cancel at the end of the four months, and it will also allow you to listen to the audiobook for free on a number of them. I also use it via my Kindle app on my phone all the time, so you don’t even need a Kindle to use it. There is literally no reason not to grab this deal.


Just before we left on our most recent trip, I purchased a second Kids Kindle e-reader. My older two especially tear through books and especially while traveling, it would be impossible to carry enough books for them. The Kids Kindle is a lifesaver!! I love that we can pre-load it with books so there’s plenty to read even when we don’t have good service. I always get books from the library through the Libby app, so they’re also totally free to read.

In the past, we had a Kids Kindle Fire tablet, and I just traded that one in to get a bit of a discount on our second Kids Kindle e-reader. I hated how bulky the Fire tablet was, and I never wanted us to use it for the other functionalities (games, Internet, etc.), anyway. The Kids Kindle e-reader is much more simple, lightweight, and streamlined, and the overall interface is soooo much better.

The kids version costs $10 more than the regular one, but it also comes with a case, a year of free Amazon Kids+, and has no ads. It’s on sale for only $64.99 so go RUN and grab this one. (I literally paid almost double just last week.)


These camping pads have been SUCH a game changer for tent camping. I always hated having to inflate and then smush down our old pads, and these are so much easier. Plus, they roll up SO small. We actually stick ours INSIDE the sleeping bag so we don’t roll off them – especially helpful for kids!


We’ve had a version of this since our oldest was an infant a decade ago. It’s been a total lifesaver and has traveled to over 40 countries with us. This version is on sale for under $36 for Prime Day!!! This is a screaming deal. Totally worth it even if you don’t use it as a baby bed – it’s perfect as a little baby tent for the pool or beach, too!


We SWEAR by audiobooks while traveling, whether on a car road trip or in the RV. We also love them at home for quiet time, running errands, or a million other things.

Audible is offering a fantastic Prime Day deal for only $7.95/month – nearly half the regular cost. This includes one free audiobook of your choice EVERY month – regardless of the price of the audiobook. (And Prime members get TWO free audiobooks during the 30-day trial!) You keep these books forever, even if you cancel your Audible subscription. You also get unlimited access to the Audible Plus catalog, which is terrific.

The best part is you can cancel your subscription right after you sign up. You’ll still have the membership until the end of the trial period, but it won’t autorenew for you. Definitely go grab this deal!!


My very favorite workout leggings are on sale! They almost never get discounted so go grab a pair or three.


I love these pacifiers because they’re so easy to clean and don’t get all gross. I just ordered a couple more for the car or for travel.


My favorite water bottle is on sale!


I just bought this swimsuit a couple months ago and you guys LOVED it…and so do I! It’s quickly become one of my very favorites. On sale today!


We’ve traveled with a hanging toiletries case just like this for years. It fits all the toiletries for our entire family, including medical supplies and my makeup. It’s awesome and I love having everything contained.


This car jump starter is an absolute lifesaver if your car battery dies. It’s SO nice not needing to find another car willing to help you with a jump, and it’s just a really good safety item to have on hand, especially since it’s so easy to use. This one is on a smoking deal right now!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m not much into toys but my boys LOVE this one; in fact, my oldest bought it with his own money. This is a crazy price on it. Would be great to stock up on a couple for birthday presents, too.


I recently got these darling little sneakers for baby M before our most recent trip and they’re perfect. Sturdy and I love that they Velcro closed. Look way more expensive than they are and they’re an even better deal now. Perfect with our favorite baby socks (that actually stay on!).


Hand warmers are a lifesaver when traveling to cold weather. They’ve helped our kiddos get to the end of the day without feeling so sad multiple times. This pack is on sale and lasts a long time! (Here’s our full cold weather packing list with kids.)