Belatedly Resolute

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Happy 2014, friends!  We had a lovely holiday in which we traveled to St. Louis to visit Dan’s brother & his family.  Cousin fun and craziness abounded.  (Unfortunately, so did post-vacation sickness.  Worth it.)  We drove and got to visit so many fun places along the way: Louisville, KY (I’d never been to Kentucky and N loved the Slugger Museum); Nauvoo, IL (Mormon church history sites); Springfield, IL (so great seeing Lincoln’s home after reading this book); Kirtland, OH (more Mormon church history sites); and Pittsburgh, PA (more cousins and NYE fun).I never visited the church history sites before, and it was just so special to be there as a family.  One of my favorite resolutions last year was reading the Book of Mormon with the kids, so this year, I’d like to read the Doctrine & Covenants with them, as well as focus our family home evening lessons around those scriptures stories.

As such, we’ve decided to make our family theme for the year this quote from the Doctrine & Covenants:

“Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me.”

Especially after the craziness of the end of the year, this year, I want to pare down my resolutions.  I want to focus on peace.

So I’m just not going to push myself to force a bunch of resolutions I’m kind of ¨meh¨ about.  I like to continue exercising, but I’m not going to set a quota for it.  I certainly hope I become better acquainted with my cookbooks, but if this isn’t THE year for it, the world won’t end.  So I’m just focusing on just a few resolutions based on our theme:

1. Learn: Read 50 books, at least 4 with Dan.  Learn of consulting opportunities available and begin working (very minimally) again.  Do Monday Mommy School.  Do a DC Activity each month.

2. Listen: Stop whatever I’m doing at 10:30pm.  Listen to the Doctrine & Covenants with the kids, and help Nat memorize a scripture each month.  One line a day journal to record voice of the Spirit.  Write down one family story each month.

3. Walk in Meekness: Don’t respond in anger to my family members (even if I feel it).  Complete Personal Progress.

4. Have Peace: Choose to have it, and to receive it.

Here’s looking at you, 2014.  It’s going to be great.

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  • My sister is re-doing her personal progress and I never completed mine when I was in YW, so I'm thinking I might have to do that one too! I also need to be better about reading scriptures with my kiddos.

  • I did not make resolutions, but I love yours! Can I steal them?

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