5 Super Simple Bottled Gifts

I kind of have a thing for jars (who doesn’t?).  Baby food jars, mason jars, little Boston round bottles…total sucker.  Here’s a list of 5 easy bottled gifts that take a couple minutes each, max.
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1. Homemade Vanilla.  There are a thousand “recipes” out there, but basically steep fresh cut vanilla beans in alcohol (we discovered we prefer rum to the more traditional vodka).  It usually takes 6-8 weeks to mature, but if you’re short on time, just stick a sliced open bean with the alcohol in the jar you’re gifting and write a “ready by” date.  This year, we did a set of extracts – coconut, almond, mint, hazelnut.  Wouldn’t it be so fun to get a bunch to try?

2. My beloved coconut honey sugar scrub.  Love this stuff.  It’s so simple but seems fance.

3. Rosemary Essential Oil.  I love the millions of uses she has for this.

4. I, for one, would certainly be grateful for this lip balm.

5. Marinated goat cheese.  Seems so special, but is so easy.  Take a chunk of whatever size you like of goat cheese, stick it in a jar and cover with olive oil.  Add whatever herbs you like – I love some fresh rosemary and a whole clove of garlic, with a pinch of red pepper flakes.

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  • great ideas! and i wouldn't say no to any of them *cough, cough* šŸ˜‰

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