Two Months in San Francisco

As part of our move to San Francisco, Dan’s company very kindly provided a few months of temporary housing. We decided to spend some of that time in San Francisco. I had only visited SF once before that, when I was in high school.  We went in July and it was FREEZING! So I was worried the whole time would be foggy and cold and hilly and exhausting and just overall kind of annoying. But I was excited for the opportunity to explore while living really close (we knew there was no way we’d live in the city permanently since it’s about a 2 hour commute each way during rush hour for Dan).
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Turns out, we lucked into an absolutely gorgeous spring and discoveries of a zillion things to do and I became full-on obsessed with San Francisco. Since I did so much research on stuff to do, I figured I’d share it here. As I was looking, there wasn’t one great place that had an extensive list of everything from fun tourist stuff to hidden gems, so this is my attempt at amalgamating some of that information. Hope it helps someone out there!

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