Whether we’re attending church in our building or worshipping at home, we always like having a few workbooks and coloring books on hand for our kids to do while they listen. Here are some of our favorites!


Come Follow Me FHE

We love the whole Come Follow Me FHE program. Not only are there coloring sheets, but there are full lesson plans for each week. I love that everything is totally planned for me so I can literally pull it up and teach, or just print something out for my kids to do during church.

It’s only $7/month for all of the lessons and coloring pages, and you can use the code preethi20 for 20% off.

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Scripture Princesses Coloring Book

So many scripture coloring books feature male heroes, so I love that this scripture princesses coloring book features amazing scriptural women. This is the kind of one I always want to have in our home. It’s currently under $9!



Book of Mormon Come Follow Me Coloring Book

The amazing people over at Come Follow Me FHE also created this beautiful Book of Mormon coloring book (it’s the one my daughter is using in the above photo). My kids have been loving using this while they listen to church the last few weeks.

It’s less than $8 and has so many activities in it!



Sticker Activity Books

I’ve already written a love letter to paint by sticker activity books – they’re so great for giving kids something quiet to do with their hands. But they don’t require so much effort and concentration that the kids can’t still listen and pay attention to church.

I even love doing this more difficult one (or this one) with just shapes to help me focus on the speakers while keeping my hands occupied!

There are so many paint by sticker books to choose from so try out a few!



Other Church Coloring Books and Workbooks for Kids

Here are some others I’m curious to try out!