4 Months

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Sweetest C,
Oh my, but you are just the sweetest little baby there ever was.  Seriously, this month has made even more apparent what an absolute sweetheart you are.  You just smile and giggle all day long.  You only fuss if you’re hungry or tired – and even then, it’s more of a little grunt than a cry.  You are just the happiest little angel and we have loved getting to know your personality more lately.

This month, you’ve developed a serious bond with your brother.  He gets you to laugh like no one else, and you loooove just watching him play and run around.  In return, he’s become a total doting older brother this month.  He adores making you smile and giggle, and is always trying to get you to join in on his activities (“Baby Kina come hold my hand and walk with me!”)  He loves taking care of you and singing to you and giving you your paci (although he’s still sometimes a little more insistent than you’d like…).  Oh, how it just makes my mama heart swell to see you two loving and caring for each other.

You’ve become so much more alert the last few weeks.  This is manifest in it being harder to nurse you when there’s anyone else around or anything going on.  It is also manifest in your sleep, I’m sad to say.  While you were sleeping like a pro up until a couple of weeks ago, you’ve suddenly started waking up a couple of times at night.  Whaa???  Let’s just say I am NOT into this trend and hope it reverses soon.  That said, you do still put yourself to sleep easily after being put down, so I can’t complain too much.  At least we still have good naps, right?

This month has also marked a decline in your bottle-taking ability.  While you would take pumped milk without issue before, you’ve started resisting it lately.  You did deign to take some a couple of days ago, so we’ll hope that you haven’t forgotten altogether.

You’ve also started imitating more this month.  You love sticking your tongue back out at us and smile back at anyone who looks at you.  You have such a sweet light and the joy that lights up your face uplifts everyone around you.  I know I said this already, but you’re really just such a sweetheart.  A couple of blessings you’ve received have indicated that you’ll be a great reader of people, and that’s already apparent; you sense emotion so keenly and already know how to connect with those around you through your smiles and “chatter.”


This month also marked your very first Christmas.  Oh, how lovely that was.  It just somehow seems right and proper to cuddle a little baby around Christmastime, and you sweetly obliged.  You loved the magical glow of the lights, and are already in love with music; you immediately turn to it and start smiling whenever you hear sweet tunes.  How lovely it was to share that season with you and your brother.


Oh, Kina baby.  You are a little angel.  You’re sweet and beautiful and gentle and just make being a baby look so easy.  We’re so grateful you’re here.



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  • These family photos kill me! What a treat to see your two babies developing their sibling bond.

  • Love the photo of the two of them on their bellies…they have the exact same expression. So sweet!

  • she is so cute! Hopefully we can see her before we leave…

  • Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful little life! She is growing so fast and is so lovely!

    <3 Cambria

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