5 Months

Sweet baby c,
Good heavens, but you are just the best baby there ever was.  I know I’ll think this of all my babies, but right now, it’s all about you, sweets.But really.  You are just the sweetest little thing and this month has found you with such personality.  You are in a constant state of giggles and smiles.  I realized the other day that as you whimpered for about 90 seconds as I was putting you to bed that that may have been the first time I’d heard you cry all day.  You just don’t.  You’re the most content baby ever, and you bring smiles to everyone around you.
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You also have a hilarious mullet:

This month, you’ve continued to be enthralled by your brother.  He seriously fascinates you, and fortunately, the feeling seems to be becoming mutual.  He looooves making you laugh…although sometimes more forcefully than we’d prefer.

Explaining to you how to hold the iPod…you were obviously enthralled

You also finally learned to roll from your tummy to your back a couple of days ago!  Hooray!  You’ve generally quite enjoyed being on your belly, and when you got tired of it, would just be done and ready to be turned.  We were persistent with tummy time, but I was seriously starting to wonder, as you hadn’t even attempted to roll.  But then, out of the blue, you just rolled over without any prep or seemingly any effort or any suggestion that you were considering it.  There was no lead up, no rolling to your side or consideration or grunting or pushing.  You just up and did it, like you’d always been doing it, like it was no big thang.  You did give a big smile after, though, as though you knew you were a pretty cool kitten.


You continue to be long and skinny – 95th percentile height (I harbor no hopes of that sticking around) and 10th or 20th on weight.  You do have a couple of teeny little rolls on those legs, and oh how we love them.  You’ve filled out enough to rock some skinny jeans this month.  I die a little of cuteness each time you do.

This month marked your very first plane ride – down to Texas.  You did great both on the plane and with the travel, save a couple of minutes in which I think your ears must’ve popped because you started shrieking out of the blue for a minute or two.  Fortunately, you settled pretty quickly, and we enjoyed a delightful trip with weather warm enough to see your bare legs, much to my delight.

 with your beloved Auntie Meg


You’ve also gotten even more alert this month.  This is code for you basically giving up sleeping in public.  Woe!  Even in the baby carrier, you just want to look around and observe.  I promise, there is nothing fun going on.  Just rest.  On the flip side, your nighttime sleep is much improved this month.  We’ve gone with an earlier bedtime, and it’s seemed to help loads.  You generally go down at 7, are up sometime in the wee hours of the morning for a feed, and are back down for a few more hours.  Keep it up, k?

Tina, what can I say?  I’m not usually one to gush, but there I go.  I gushed.  I know.  It’s embarrassing.  But I can’t help it.  You’re an angel baby.  You’re our angel baby, and oh how we adore you.  Thanks for adoring us back.

love forever,


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