S’more Eggs

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Yesterday, we had a little Easter egg hunt with our playgroup.  Aside from needing to have the egg hunt indoors since it was freezing and windy and BAH willwinterneverleave, it was adorable watching all the kiddies run around finding eggs.

Of course, because I am the queen of procrastination, I remember late last night that I had to take some pre-filled eggs.  We don’t generally keep candy around, and I didn’t think to use some of the millions of stickers we have on hand.  I considered sticking some clementines inside, but a whole one wouldn’t fit and I thought they might dry out if I pre-peeled them.

So I was searching the cupboards for something to stick in, and spotted some marshmallows.  Since we have a wood-burning fireplace (LOVE), we tend to keep those, grahams, and chocolate on hand (exclusively for s’mores, and never for any mid-afternoon slump purposes, of course).

The purpose of this extraordinarily long explanation is that I put a ‘mallow, a graham, and some chocolate chips together and called it a s’m’egg and called it a night.  Nothing particularly mind-blowing, but the kids liked it and I didn’t have to make a run to the store.  Can’t ask for much more, right?



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  • And I bet people thought that was intentional and brilliantly creative, and soon s'more eggs will be on Pinterest! Nice improvising!

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