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One Sunday evening a few weeks ago, I looked up from my perch on the couch to see Dan heating up some milk.  I entitled-ly and ungratefully told him that it was well past hot chocolate season and that I would pass, thanks.  He didn’t reply and kindly didn’t shoot down my all-about-me notions.

He proceeded to blend and chill the milk, then pull it out a little bit later.  I finally stepped outside myself long enough to ask what in the world he was doing.  He finally explained that one of our good friends and neighbors had texted asking if we had any chocolate milk to fulfill his pregnant wife’s craving.  We didn’t, but Dan had whipped up this elaborate concoction (and delicious, I was told) instead.

In the five years since I married this guy, I’ve become a little spoiled in seeing him see someone else’s interest or desire and figure out a way to fulfill it.  He latches onto anything I like, such as nightly backrubs or hot chocolate every night it gets below 60 degrees, and does it without being asked, and without requiring thanks.  That guy, he’s taught me a lot about service and kindness and love.

I’m still nowhere near him, but boy am I thankful to stand by him and learn from him.

Happy five and forever, my special friend.

(Year 3, Year 4)



And now!


Wedding pictures by Anna Page.  Family pictures by Katie Hart.


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  • You guys all have such great smiles! Congrats on five and here's to a million more. 🙂

  • Happy Anniversary!!!! I think 2 cute kids is pretty good for 5 years! Way to go.

  • Oh Preethi, we love you guys so. Congratulations on five years and two beautiful children! (And this is my roundabout way of finally giving you a link to my blog. Don't judge…)

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