Growing up, there were probably a lot of things I took for granted about my mom.  Moving across the world to a country where she didn’t yet have a firm grasp of the language (and then getting the hang of it by watching soap operas :)); studying by streetlight and earning her master’s in mathematics; giving up a job outside the home to raise two girls.
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But one of the most important things I think I took for granted is that my mom is fearless.  She’s strong.  She’s willing to work and learn and try, and she’s not afraid of any of it.  She learned how to swim after moving to the US and when she was in her 30s.  She was always the one to fiddle with the new VCR players to set them up, even though she’d grown up in a home that only occasionally had electricity and running water.  Just a few years ago, after entering her 60s, developed a love of reading (and not just any books – history and biographies. serious stuff here).

It never occurred to her to be afraid or to think, “I can’t do that.”  Or maybe it did; but she did it anyway.  Decades of using a second language and not being accustomed to reading full-length books didn’t stop her from doing it, and loving it.  Not having ever before even owning a television didn’t prevent her from just deciding to figure it out – and succeed.

I love that she’s never afraid to try something new, just because it’s new.  To her, it’s just another adventure, another puzzle to figure out.  She never actually let us in the kitchen growing up; that was her place, and she liked things a certain way (it is not unlikely that she managed to pass this other trait along to her eldest, as well).  I never touched a sewing machine until a couple of years ago because she was too busy encouraging us to do our homework or practice our violins or just chug along as the bookworms we were.

But because she wasn’t afraid, I’m not either.  I love to cook, and while she didn’t give me recipes, she did give me wholesome meals and a belief that I could create them.  She didn’t teach me to thread a needle, but she did instill in me a belief that I can learn anything, create anything, accomplish anything I want.

My mom is a strong woman.  She raised strong girls.  I hope I can be that same kind of mama.

It just so happens there’s another mom in my life, as well.  This mom read scriptures to my husband every day through his youth, and taught him to love the scriptures.  She’s quiet, but she has her own strength.  For instance, she’s the only daughter in her family who served a mission, and was the only girl in her master’s metallurgical engineering program.  She didn’t, and doesn’t, worry about what’s popular, but concerns herself with what is good and right.  She is an excellent listener and encourages her kids.  She adores her grandkids and knows more kids’ songs than most children’s choristers.  She is generous and kind.  Her children, especially one particular son, adore her and learned from her to be gentle and good.  She provided a listening ear to a shy and scared little boy, and encouraged him in developing skills and following dreams to become the best man I know.  For that, I will be forever grateful.


In honor of Mother’s Day, Blue Nile sent me these gorgeous earrings.  I love that the pattern is delicate but bold, just like my mama.  They graciously sent me another pair to send out to some special lady out there, be she a current or future mama.  Leave a comment before Friday, May 17th if you’d like to win!
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Update: Congratulations, Maxine!


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  • My grandmother would love them! She is the kindest, sweetest woman who spent her whole life supporting her family during the day as a nurse and volunteering with those less fortunate in the evenings. She taught me how to love and to serve and I love her to pieces!

  • They are gorgeous. And, I have to say that you are looking spectacular.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Happy Mothers Day, Preethi! (Remembering the time we put a nametag on your belly!)

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