10 Months

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Kina baby,
Happy 10 months!  I’m simultaneously amazed that you are almost a year old, and shocked that you haven’t even been with us that long.  I can’t believe how big you’re getting and how much you’re learning.
Your little nose crinkle.  It kills me.

This has been a month of milestones, it seems.  You finally started crawling on your knees (instead of scootching on your stomach).  You also have started to pull up – mostly on your knees, but almost to your feet a few times.  You’ve celebrated by getting into everything lately.  You also got your first tooth on your 10-month birthday!  You’d been a bit fussy at night for about a week, but not so much so that I suspected a tooth; I just figured it was some residual travel schedule off-ness.  It’s the cutest, teeniest little thing on the bottom front.  Hopefully you’ll get some solace now!

You’ve also been the sweetest, huggiest little thing this month.  You’ll reach your little arms up to us to be picked up and will just hold on around our necks.  It just makes my heart turn into a big dang puddle every time.  I love drinking in that sweet baby smell (oh, it is the best, even – or perhaps especially – when you are patiently sweating through the heat with hair plastered to your head) and feeling your soft skin.


You had your 9-month doctor’s appointment about 10 days late, and oh, the stats made me laugh.  You stayed at the 95th percentile for height (I keep wondering when, not if, that will change), but are down to the 3rd percentile for weight.  Your brother dropped off the charts around this age, too, so I’m not concerned, but it just makes me giggle.  I sure love your long leggy legs.  This is especially hilarious to me given how ravenous you’ve been this last month.  I kid you not, some days it was more than Nat.  There was one day on our trip when you had a large breakfast of some leftovers, then some lunch, then for dinner had 3/4 of a veggie burger all on your own.  And THEN you were ridiculously sad when I would only let you have half of my popsicle.  I’d call you a glutton except everyone knows you can eat however much you want.


I love all the tricks that you will do on command (usually. except when I say you will, of course) now.  You love to wave bye-bye to people, although it usually entails wiggling your fingers at yourself.  You also have the most adorable little clap that you do whenever you are happy about anything, back at people, to celebrate, whatever.  It’s the cutest.


The other day, you had been playing on the floor with some blocks and books for a little while.  I stopped what I was doing for a bit and came down and lied down on the floor near you.  You came right over and just sat yourself down right next to me.  You didn’t even bring your blocks over, but just patted me and climbed on me and even just sat there smiling at me.  We played some airplane, eliciting some truly fantastic giggles, and then just sat and laughed together and with Nat.  Girlie, it sure did make me glow inside and out that as content as you were playing with your toys, the second I came down to play, you wanted to be by me.  You loved just sitting with me and observing and bonding.  You are so observant and social and that ability of yours to light up and know others is so special to me.

People are constantly asking me, “Is she always this smiley?”  And I’m like, “Umm…yeah.”  Because you are.  You’re the happiest, sweetest, loveliest little baby.  Your baby’s blessing mentioned that you would be a great reader of people, and it means so much to me to witness that gift already shining through.  Love you forever, baby girl.


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  • Whenever I'm having a bad day/moment, looking at a photo of your kids on your blog or Instagram is all it takes to start turning my mood around. I'm obsessed! And now my mom is too because maybe I showed her your Instagram feed and we both just melted together.

  • She's so cute! 10 months seems so old, but my son just turned 6 months so we're really not that far off. Isn't it amazing what they accomplish during their first year? My kids are both tall and skinny too, but I have no idea where they get that from.

  • Those photos of her with Dan in the subway station KILL ME. Oh my goodness. I don't know how you handle it. We have to get this betrothal contract signed stat. I need her in my life.

  • She is beyond adorable! I wish I could meet her in person!

  • i know i say this all the time, but her smiles! i cannot get over how sweet she is. her smiles make all of us happier.

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