And now it’s official

Until her party this weekend, it didn’t quite seem true that my baby is ONE.  But now she is!  Because those 48 hours and cake made all the difference.
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The day of her birthday was so so gorgeous out.  We had birthday (candled!) yeast waffles with sweet toppings, then a nap, and then a family bike ride/picnic down to near the Lincoln Memorial.  Perfect.  Followed up with some homemade ice cream, more naps, and dinner at Chipotle, because we’re fance.  And a cupcake.  A farmers’ market book and a new camelbak later, we all fell happily into bed.

We also had a little party for her on Saturday afternoon.  And by little, I mean big.  You know how usually 40, MAYbe 50% of folks invited can usually come?  Well.  Almost everyone we invited could.  And it was a total blast.

And bonus!  Both grandparents!  Best ever.

We are just so so grateful to truly incredible family and friends who came to love on our baby along with us.

We had prayed like crazy for days that it wouldn’t rain.  It had been a gorgeous week and a half, and was supposed to be gorgeous for the entire week after, but rain was predicted for Saturday afternoon.  We started an hour early, at 3pm, in hopes of getting in some more party time before wetness came. told me (when I checked an hour before!) that there was a 0% chance of rain at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm, and a 10% chance at 7pm.  I thought we were golden.

And then it started raining at 3, and progressed to pouring for the duration of the party.  Which was supposed to be at the park.  Luckily, there’s a covered patio at the community center next to it, and what do you know?  The kids had EVEN more of a blast getting completely soaked to the bone.  So it was fantastic, even more than I’d hoped.  So perhaps all my prayers to stay the rain would’ve been better expressed in gratitude for the good, good people around us.

Behold, the actual birthday and the farmers’ market party for my baby who loves fruit.  I sure love this little lady.

She somehow acquired a lot of presents for a no-gift party 🙂

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET KINA!!! What a lovely day!! I love those little piggy tails, and the party spread is adorable!!

  • This was such a fun party! Well done! The photos perfectly capture how cute and dainty she was with her cake.

  • Happy Birthday Kina!!!! WOW You and your sister look a lot alike, had to do a double take in that last picture. Kina is just the most perfect little lady ever.

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