And Thus Endeth Birthday Season

Between birthday, birthday party, family pictures, Chicago wedding, Utah, furlough, recuperating from vacation, Pennsylvania wedding, birthday, birthday party, Halloween/costumes, it’s been a bit of a crazy 6 weeks.  It’s been so fun, but I’m sort of glad for a bit of a break before the rest of the holiday season hits in full force.
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Still, Nat’s party this weekend?  Was just SO fun.  Since we were out of town for a wedding on his actual birthday last Saturday, we did his party this past Saturday.  It was just a low-key affair at the park behind our place with lots of really terrific people.  And cake.  Lots of cake.  And it was just perfect.

There was some crafting (my favorites were the airplanes silhouettes cut from old atlas pages), but it was fairly minimal, fun, and made for fun projects with Nat.  We made airplane sandwiches with a cookie cutter and Nat had fun inviting newly-arrived guests to partake.  Basically, it was just a really fun time.  And it thrilled me to no end seeing how much fun Nat was having with all his favorite friends.

Best of all?  This kid.  He’s a gem.



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  • I love how all of his cute friends are helping him blow out the candles behind him! And Kina's polka dot pants– swoon!

  • Adorable Nat and Kina! Also, I love Nat's cupcake, and I want to see a picture of the airplane sandwich!

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