One-Hour Astronaut Costume

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N’s been saying he wants to be an astronaut for Halloween for a couple of months now.  I mostly ignored him for a while because I’m the sort of mother who values listening to her child.  But really, there was no way I was going to spend $30-40 on ONE costume.  And then I had no other ideas so I decided to maybe try to make one?

So I found this tutorial and changed it up a bit.  I found a white shirt and rando white pants at Goodwill, which I quickly hemmed.  I took a silverware tray and stuck on out printed out pictures of flags/Apollo 11 patches/USA letters and stuck star stickers all over eeeerrything.  Stuck some duct tape together for straps, duct taped all around a couple of old milk jugs, cut a hole in an old white Halloween bucket, done.

Dan donned his white shirt and tie and stuck on a Mission Control patch, I made K a paper mache balloon and stuck a flag on there so she could be the moon, and I wore my all-black for the concert in which I played 45 minutes later and stuck a large white dot with “hole” written on it to my front.  Yes, we’re THAT cheesy family, but that cheesy family just happened to win best family costume, so I’ll take it.

Basically, one of my favorite costumes ever.

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