Stories of Goodness: Our Family Passport

This week’s story takes us back to South America with Our Family Passport, an amazing extended family that shares their adventures and tips. I just love the kindness and respect they exude, and love following their adventures.
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“When we were in Peru in 2009, traveling through a rather poor area, I lost my wallet. Literally everything was in it – my identification, cash, my business Amex, honestly my life was in that wallet. We were convinced that wherever I had lost it that it would be long gone. I hadn’t needed my wallet for a few days because we had been using my husband’s credit card, etc. Honestly, I had no idea when or where I had lost it.
As soon as we were able, we contacted our credit card company to cancel my credit card because obviously a missing card is a problem.  When we called them, the credit card company told me that someone had already called and canceled my card and had also left their personal information because they had my wallet along with the rest of the contents.
Long story short…when we had been at Machu Picchu, you have to take a bus from the little town of Aguas Calientes to the top of the mountain.  It was on this bus that my wallet had fallen out of my purse and the bus driver had found it.  He was the one that had called the credit card company to cancel my card and also, he had my wallet.  He sent it to me after my arrival home and it had everything inside exactly as it had been; my identification, my cash, my everything.  I was so grateful that he had been honest because it had been 3 days since my wallet had been missing and he could have really done some damage with it.
It restored my faith in people and made me more determined to be more honest in my dealings. It has something that has stuck with my family for nearly ten years and often my children still talk about it. :)”
Having been to Machu Picchu myself, I know just how touristy that bus can be and how many hundreds of people ride it each day. It’s remarkable to me that that driver not only found the wallet and didn’t misuse it, but went out of his way to return it. Stories like this inspire me and remind me that we can learn so much from so many around us.

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