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My very favorite thing about this space is that it’s become a way to combine so many things I care about – travel, education, antiracist action, family life. I love those intersections!!

Books are one of the ways I love to connect to ALL of those things. I truly believe in the power of fantastic and diverse children’s literature to change hearts and homes. Diverse kids books are a gift for learning about and connecting to the world and its people. They can be a starting point for taking action against injustice. They help us learn and grow and just plain have fun together in our families!

diverse kids books email course

An Easy Way to Find and Use Diverse Books In Your Family

I know firsthand how overwhelming it can seem when trying to hunt down diverse books. There are so many options out there – where do I start? How do I know which ones are best?

And then what do I do after reading? How do I discuss with my kids and integrate the concepts into our family behaviors?

It’s my goal to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate diverse children’s literature into your family routine, and to provide tools to help you get the most out of them. I hope to help you use diverse kids’ books as regular and repeated tools of discussion, connection, learning, and action.

FREE 5-Day Email Course on Diversifying Your Family’s Bookshelves


This 5-Day email course will give you tools and resources to help you navigate finding and incorporating diverse children’s literature into your family life. It will share tips on how to find resources and how to use them to foster authentic, sustainable action.

And best of all? It’s completely FREE.

I’ve loved putting it together, and hope it inspires your family to incorporate a wider variety of books and consider how to act toward greater equity and justice for all.

You can sign up below!

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  • Thank you for this. My goal is to bring my baby granddaughter on this journey as I purchase books for her and read to her.

    • I think that’s a wonderful goal! Thank you for reading!

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