My Favorite Places to Shop For Clothes

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I’m definitely not a huge shopper, but I do appreciate pretty clothing that is comfortable and fits well into my both my personal look and my lifestyle. I’d say on average, I probably purchase 10-15 articles of clothing per year.

Here are some of my favorite places!


Madewell is definitely my go-to for the basics of my wardrobe. My favorite jeans are all from there, and I have quite a few tops from there, as well. They’re streamlined, well made, and generally comfortable and unfussy.

Here are some things I currently love from their collection:


Anthro is probably my favorite place to get beautiful, well-fitting, a bit unique clothing. It’s fairly pricey, though, so I generally stick to more unique pieces here like pretty dresses, instead of basics like t-shirts and jeans. I do also have a few lovely tops from here, as well. I also try to watch for their sales and almost never purchase anything full price. Oh, and of course their candles are amazing, as well.

Some current favorites:


ASOS is one of my favorite place to find dresses. I love that you can find them at all different sizes and price points, and there are some lovely and unique options. They also have great formal dresses (many with sleeves, which I prefer) and I have a couple from there. They also have lots of maternity options that are actually cute! I have very few maternity-specific items but all of my favorites are from ASOS.

Some current favorites from their site:


I fell in love with Sezane while in France years ago and am still utterly charmed by every collection. Their garments are so beautiful and classy, and I’m especially a fan of their sweaters (ahem, jumpers – who can resist calling them that?).

Some current favorites:


H&M is good for basic tees and they can also have some great and inexpensive midi skirts on occasion. They’re definitely hit and miss, though, and you have to look through a lot of really ugly things to find a few gems.

Some current favorites:


Good ole Target. While I almost never go in store (so am rarely tempted to just grab something because I’m there), their basic t-shirts are my favorites and they often have some great dresses.

Old Navy

It’s rare that I purchase something here, but I do have a couple tops that I really like that are also inexpensive and easy to wash (i.e., good with kids). They actually have a number of cute tops for spring that I’m considering!

American Eagle

The only item of clothing I own from American Eagle are some mom jeans. But I love them and they’re so comfortable – I usually wear them a couple times a week. The exact pair is no longer in stock, but they’re very similar to these. I also like the look of these and these.


J.Crew is another that’s good for basics and for their great sales. (I also check J.Crew Factory, especially for their sales on kids’ clothing.)


It’s been quite some time since I’ve found something I love at Zara – they went through a weird design phase. But there are a couple more midi skirts I like that are great for summer. Can you tell I’m a skirt/dress person when it’s warm outside?

Marine Layer

I’ve only ever purchased 3 items from Marine Layer, and they’re all exactly the same in different patterns – the Allison pant. They’re so comfortable, are easy to dress up and down, and I always wear them for travel.

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  • Recently learned about Sezane online and love their combination of design and sustainability. But am trying to figure out how realistic wool sweaters with small kids is — especially ones listed as handwash. Do you handwash or machine wash on a delicate/wool cycle?

    • I honestly rarely wash them. When I do, we have a handwash cycle on our washing machine!

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