BIG SALE: Free Craft Kits For Boys and Girls

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When I think of a few bucks, I think maybe an ice cream cone or half of a Chipotle burrito bowl. But hours of hands on fun and skill-building? Not usually what I expect.

Happily, that’s exactly what you can get right now with this insane Annie’s Kit Clubs deal. We’ve gotten both the Creative Girls kit and the Young Woodworkers Kit and they are both fantastic. Right now, you can get ANY Annie’s Craft Kit (for kids or adults) for free with the code NEWCRAFT – you just pay shipping!

I really love that these kits aren’t just some basic supplies that you would normally have around the house. We have a pretty robust craft station and I love for my kids to do open-ended activities, so I don’t generally feel the need to have super directed projects. These, however, are truly worthwhile.

craft kits for boys

Young Woodworkers Kit

The Young Woodworkers Kit is probably our favorite; it not only comes with the supplies to make a real wood craft, but also includes a tool and the craft materials to paint or decorate it so it feels complete. It can also be tricky finding craft boxes for boys, so I love that this encourages my little gents to be creative and artistic, as well.

I also am very pleased that the projects engage some serious STEM skills – they involve tinkering and creativity, and also often some engineering. For instance, some of the kits we’ve gotten were a marshmallow blaster, a helicopter, a gumball dispenser, and a big truck.

While they’re great for a variety of ages and genders, my 10 and 6 year old boys especially LOVE the woodworking kit. They get so excited every time the kits show up in the mail, and love keeping tools and extra supplies (nails, wood paint, etc.) around for other projects they like to do in our backyard. It’s truly the very best craft box for boys that we’ve found.

Creative Girls Kit

The Creative Girls Kit is neat because it includes two projects every month. My daughter loved making a suncatcher and decorating a pretty picture frame. Again, the kit came with extra supplies that she she loved using later for additional projects.

Super Deal On Annie’s Craft Kits!

Right now, you can get the kits totally for FREE with the code NEWCRAFT, which is bananas. I have paid full price for them and they are wroth every penny, so to get them for just a few bucks worth of shipping is crazy. The best part is you can purchase as many kits as you like – and you can mix and match which kits you get! This even works if you’ve purchased an Annie’s kit in the past. Perfect for stocking up for summer activities or experience-focused gifts.

Here’s how to get the deal on craft kits for kids:

  1. Go to Annie Craft Kits, click on Choose Your Craft, and select which category you’d like (both the Young Woodworkers and Creative Girls are under the Kids category). You could also choose an adult one if you’d like to learn a new skill yourself!
  2. Click on the JOIN TODAY button, then add to your cart.
  3. Click on checkout and remove the current coupon code (likely for 50% off). Instead, use the code NEWCRAFT to get each box for free. Add as many boxes as you’d like (can be the same box or different boxes).

I wouldn’t recommend them so highly if my kids didn’t genuinely adore them. They’re perfect for getting through the last bit of the school year, having on hand for some summer fun, or to stock up on gifts for birthday parties. I’m personally adding one into each of my kids’ Easter baskets. The adult ones would also be perfect for a small surprise for a friend or as a Mother’s Day gift. Go grab a box or 10 with this amazing craft kits sale!

craft kits sale

2 Responses

  • It’s such a pity that they only deliver to US and Canada, it looks like so much fun!

  • It looks like this deal is actually for the first month of a monthly subscription. I went ahead and signed up, thinking I could cancel, but I’m now finding that cancellation is pretty difficult (as in, looks like I’m going to need to call their customer service directly). Otherwise, it worked as described above.

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