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Shirt: F21; Vest: thrifted with sleeves cut off; Shorts: cut off from old jeans; Shoes: F21; Necklace: borrowed from sister
Today is my birthday.
In honor of the occasion, here
are 14 things for which I’m grateful in the past year, and 14 to which
I’m looking forward in the coming one:
  1. My faith.
  2. A husband who shares many of my passions, explores his own, and encourages me to follow mine.
  3. A baby boy who lights up my days and lets me sleep at night.  And who gives a thumb’s up any time we say, “You got it, dude.”  (We need to do our part to ensure this generation doesn’t forget.)  And says, “baby” anytime he points to my belly.  And a lot a lot a lot of other things.
  4. This little baby girl on her way.  Still a little surreal.
  5. Our trip to Australia & New Zealand.  I’m still kind of amazed that everything worked out as perfectly as it did.
  6. Our little playgroup.  Each of the moms is fantastic, and N and I both love the chance to play and do fun activities.
  7. My job.  It’s pretty amazing how it all came through, it’s the perfect amount of time, and it’s from home.  I love what I do and the organization.
  8. Fruit picking.  We just picked strawberries a couple of weeks ago and there is nothing that seems more like summer.
  9. Good books.
  10. Being able to serve in the Nursery this last year (I just got released).  Sometimes it got a little crazy, but I learned a lot from those little ones, and we’ve loved replicating the lessons for family home evening.  Plus, we felt super spoiled that we got to start taking N when he was about 9 months old.
  11. Getting a sewing machine and learning to sew just a little tiny bit.
  12. Trader Joe’s opening a mile from our place.  And being able to pick up good quality fresh mozzarella any time we’re out and desperately need it for homemade pizza.
  13. Friends near and far.  You know you’re lucky when you feel like you have way more friends than time.
  14. Blogging.  Seriously.  I feel like I’ve learned so much from many of you out there and made so many wonderful friends.
  1. Getting to meet this little baby.
  2. Dreaming of and planning trips with Dan.  Isn’t the planning half the fun?
  3. Going camping this summer.
  4. Going to a water park on Saturday.
  5. Watching N learn and grow and having a small part in that teaching process.  His learning and vocabulary are starting to explode and I’m excited to see all the changes coming.
  6. Lots of summer walks and barbecues.  There’s just something about eating outside that screams nice weather and family.
  7. My sister moving home from Spain.  I cannot wait to spend time with her and have her get to know her toddler nephew.
  8. Making popsicles with N.
  9. Getting to see family in New York in a few weeks.
  10. Summer produce.  Finally, good tomatoes!
  11. Learning more about and practicing photography.  I never really have and think it would be really fun.
  12. Practicing making Thai food.  I feel like we really got our pizza dough pretty darn close to how we love it this year, and I’m excited to do the same with Thai in the coming one.
  13. Watching the Olympics.
  14. Transitioning to a family of four and learning to love the changes that come.

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  • Your little bump is just adorable!!

    I wish you the happiest of birthdays and a year full of blessings. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! If you have a few free minutes when you are in New York, would you want to meet up? We can get some pinkberry 🙂

  • Happy birthday! Great idea to count your blessings in a birthday post. 🙂

  • Happy belated birthday!
    How nice to read your I'm a Mormon profile! And thanks for sharing your thankfuls with us.

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