Home Style: Books, Books, and More Books

We like books.  We have a lot of books.  I am definitely a “thrower” rather than a “keeper” (Dan sometimes gets sad when I immediately chuck cards after reading them…apologies to anyone who was hoping I’d go to the grave with your adorable thank you note) and have negative interest in collections, but we have a special affinity for books around our house.Before N was born, we had a couple of rando bookshelves in what is now his room.  To make way for the crib, we had to move the books out.  We had a big open wall in our living room, and decided to put up 3 side-by-side floor-to-ceiling bookshelves there.  We’ve loved the look and I think it actually makes the space feel bigger and more organized than just having a huge open wall.  We have vaulted ceilings and beams that go right above the shelves, and I love how it all comes together.
(Uh…ignore the computer and VCR on top – we’re doing some reorg up there.)
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What home style do you love?

(PS – the bookshelves are from Ikea [via Craigslist], which I generally loathe but these have held up surprisingly well.  The canvas prints on top are from artscow.)

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