Babymoon Staycation

This past weekend, I planned a little surprise babymoon for Dan.  He conveniently had a men’s church activity on Thursday night, for which I slyly convinced him to get a ride so I could drop N off at my parents’ house where he’d be staying.  The next morning, I was in the shower when Dan woke up and he confusedly came in and whispered, “Why are you showering?  You’re going to wake up N”  (His crib shares a wall with the bathroom, so I usually shower at night when he’s totally out.)  In his soporific state, he’d evidently missed the little sign I’d made and taped to our mirrors. 🙂  I was beyond thrilled that I’d actually managed to surprise him.Day 1
It turned out to be such a perfect weekend.  The weather was glorious and it didn’t rain and wasn’t even a million degrees.  Miracle, I say.  Day 1 started off with a trip to the DC temple, which was wonderful.  We then headed over to invoke our crafty sides with some paint-your-own pottery (a picture frame for a new family photo soon).  Dorky, yes, but something I’ve sort of always wanted to do. 🙂
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Then came the eating.  People, we like food.  In planning the babymoon, I debated whether I wanted to head out to stay at a bed & breakfast or just at our place.  But Dan and I have discussed that it’s often more hassle than it’s worth (for us, anyway) to pack up and stay somewhere else that probably has a less comfortable bed than we do.  Plus, that meant that I could put the money saved toward food.  Let’s just say that the decision was not altogether difficult.  It was Restaurant Week here in DC, so we headed to the incredible Ardour for lunch and Co. Co. Sala for dinner.  One of my favorite food bloggers (Deb from Smitten Kitchen) has commented how when she goes to a restaurant she knows is amazing, she orders the simplest thing on the menu because she knows they will get it right.  Well, that was Ardour.  The dishes sounded relatively simple, but boy, did they nail them.  And Co. Co. Sala is a restaurant that revolves entirely around chocolate…so it’s hard to go too wrong there.  Needless to say, we were stuffed.

Ardour is inside the St. Regis hotel.  Isn’t it gorgeous?
Puffed cheese pastries…mmm
Outfit details: Dress: Downeast Basics; Belt: thrifted; Aqua hoop earrings: F21; Necklace-turned-bracelet: Hawaii; Sandals: Target
Frozen hot chocolate

In between our meals, we headed over to the gorgeous and fascinating National Building Museum.  After dinner, we headed to Old Town Alexandria for a concert in the park by the Alexandria Harmonizers, a barbershop chorale.  Let’s just say the youngest member of the group was probably about 40, they sang the Four Seasons, it was perfect weather out, and we had Trader Joe’s sparkling mixed berry lemonade to sip.  Pretty perfect evening, I’d say.

Day 2
We started off day 2 with a little kayaking on the Potomac; it was a gorgeous morning and it felt great to do something active (even if I did most of the work because of Dan’s broken wrist :)).  We then headed over to brunch and then out to Leesburg where we toured Morven Park.  You guys, I’d never even heard of this place before I started planning, but it was incredible.  The mansion and grounds were beautiful and our tour guide was one of the best I’ve had.  So fascinating.  We stopped by a battlefield and then walked around Old Town Leesburg until dinner.  We sat out on the patio and listened to live music from a fantastic jazz singer who evidently was a contestant on American Idol.

Georgetown from the Potomac
Key Bridge
Outfit details: Dress: India; Belt: F21; Purse: Zappos; Earrings: Brasil; Necklace: Indian wedding necklace (mangalya); Sandals: Saltwaters
Dan has this thing with lions
Barn at mansion

We topped off the weekend with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at home and relished sleeping in another morning before going to pick up our baby who perhaps had more fun than we did.  Seriously, the child adores his grandparents.  It was my very first time being away from him overnight, though, and boy was I happy to see him again (and judging by the fact that he chose me over his grandpa for the first five minutes after I got there, at least, I think he was happy to see me, too :)).  I sure love this kid.

Left image c/o my sister…organization of the balls c/o N.  He is so my child.

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  • This looks like such an amazing time! Its funny b.c I just posted on my blog about how we had a nice getaway this past weekend but that we were just stretched too thin to travel with everything going on in our lives right now. This is why I am a HUGE fan of the staycations. Tyler, not so much, unfortunately 😉 Anyway, I can't believe you are having a baby really soooooon, ahhhhhh!

  • Anonymous says:

    What a charming idea! Great way to keep up the romance and give you some time together before those early baby weeks hit, haha. And it looks like such a fun, sweet time. Hooray 🙂

    <3 Cambria

  • Looks like you guys had such fun! And I adore that black dress. I think the second pregnancy flies by so fast…

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