Very Belated 2 Months

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Dearest Baby Kina,
You’re only 2.5 months old and I’m already way behind on these letters to you.  Rest assured that while your 2nd child status may delay cute blog pictures, it only magnifies my love.

Goodness me, but you are just the sweetest little baby there ever was.  This month, you’ve turned into even more of a complete angel.  You are constantly smiling – both at us and, after staring for a few seconds, perfect strangers.  You have this ridiculously happy little grin that is utterly irresistible to anyone who sees it.  You especially love to watch what your brother is doing and smile at him.  Oh how I love seeing that little smile of yours!

You are also the most patient baby on the planet.  While in your first few weeks, you resisted being put down, you are now entirely content to amuse yourself and just look around from your vantage point of the couch or floor.  You still love to be held and to cuddle, and still pass out practically the second you get in the baby carrier, but you are also totally fine lying by yourself.

This month, you’ve also really figured out the sleeping thing.  Hallelujah!  In your first month, you had some trouble sleeping in your own bed, and far preferred the comfort of ours.  We rolled up some towels under your sheet, though, and persisted with a mommy-scented shirt, sound machine, swaddle, and paci, and you’re now totally fine in your bassinet, even going so far as to put yourself to sleep after we put you down awake.  This is new for me, as your brother loooooved to nurse to sleep.  You, on the other hand, are all business when it comes to eating – you eat in 5 minutes flat, pop off, and go to sleep after.  So interesting to me how you already have different preferences!

Your relationship with your brother has also progressed this month.  You love seeing him, and he’s started taking more of an interest in you, fixing your dress when it pulls up, and bringing you your paci.  Sometimes he is a little forceful in its insertion, but we’re getting there.  It’s also been such a joy to see your relationship with your daddy grow.  Whoo boy, do you already have him wrapped around that tiny little pinky toe of yours.  He adores you, and you seem to feel just the same.  I can already sense a daddy’s girl in the making.


If it’s possible, I think you’ve gotten even more beautiful this month.  It’s possible that I’m a tad biased, but you really are just the prettiest baby.  Everywhere we go, people stop to comment on how you are just such a beauty.  And that hair!!

Overall, you are just the sweetest little thing.  Your dad and I were discussing recently how your name really is just so perfect for you.  Much as we struggled with both your first and middle names, we commented how we really could not imagine anything else now.  They both suit you so perfectly, and we now couldn’t even imagine considering any of the other options.  You bring such a light to our home, as your name implies, and I can already tell the impact you will have on many inside and outside of it.  One blessing you’ve received mentioned that you would have a gift for reading people, and I’m already seeing that in you.  You are so special to us, and have expanded our hearts tenfold.  I love you, my tina,



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