Seven Months

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Dear kina girl,
Pretty sure we’ve all just become even more smitten with you this month.  I mean, that little smile!  That personality!  We just cannot get enough.

Your babbling has really taken off this month.  It is so fun hearing your little voice, and you even pulled out a “dada” the day before Daddy’s birthday.  You have no idea how those simple sounds made his day, despite your lack of knowledge of their meaning.

This month also entailed being cooped up for several days in a row with sickness and potty training, but you handled it like a champ.  You just love being held and cuddled and hugged, so you were quite content to just snuggle together at home.

Once we were finally past that, though, we finally (finally!!) had a streak of a few warm days – hallelujah!  This meant that I could finally repent of the abomination of covering up adorable baby legs for months on end.  Let me tell you, a little sweet baby skin does wonders for the soul.  You are still a teeny little thing (at your 6-month appointment, you were 5th percentile weight and 95th percentile height), and I love holding that little body close and marveling at its spunk and light.

You had several firsts this month – including going on the swings (where Nat loved pushing you and watching you giggle like crazy for joy) and having your toenails painted.  Totally frivolous, I know, but I have to say, it was ridiculously adorable.

You also got to enjoy your first Easter by gnawing on some empty eggs.  Pretty sure that was the most exciting part of the holiday for you.  That or getting to match the entire family with green gingham bows/bowties.  I will so totally do cheesy matchy accessories for as long as my children will cooperate.  Along with putting you in adorable holiday dresses (or Indian dresses, as the occasion may necessitate…your first time and your amma [grandma] and I both almost died of the cuteness).

You’ve also gotten to experiment with a few tastes of solid foods this month.  I haven’t really pushed it yet because a) it’s sort of a pain, and b) while you will sit up on your own for short spurts, you don’t yet do it for extended periods, so I’d rather you cross that hurdle before giving you much.  Still, we’ve given you a few little tastes of sweet potato, banana (not much love lost there), apple, bread, and, your favorite, avocado.  (You are so my child.)

Kina kina, we love you.  So so much.  Thanks for being our little love.


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  • Aah! What a beauty!! Oh how I love her. You are such a gorgeous family.

  • I cannot get over how adorable her smile is! She so full of light and joy! and her little wispy curls kill me

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