Belated 8 Months

Kina girl,
You’ve learned so many tricks and fun things this month.  There is so much personality stemming from that little body and big smile!
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It seems the physical stuff is finally happening for you this month and it’s coming all at once.  You’ve finally started scooting around doing a little army crawl this month.  It is the cutest thing watching you scootch and roll and turn in different directions to grab whatever it is has caught your fancy (lately, that’s often been your brother’s hair…perhaps a sign I should cut it? never).  You’ve also finally mastered sitting up this month (followed closely by your first shopping cart ride, although that probably could’ve happened sooner)…right after getting your first goose egg after tipping over when we weren’t watching.  It was a short period of shrieking, but oh, it was the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.  Along with these things, you’ve started standing with support, as well.  It’s so fun watching how proud you are of yourself for balancing with one hand while you try to grab whatever is available with the other.

You got to go on your first bike ride in the delightful bike trailer I got for Mother’s Day and absolutely loved it.  You and Nat were both in baby heaven back there next to each other.  We’re so excited to go on lots of family outings with that thing this summer.

This picture kills me.  The two of you!  In jammies!  Your little smiles!

Speaking of Mother’s Day, oh!  It was delightful.  I spent the whole day just really happy I could be a mommy to you and your brother.

So happy to grab the flowers

This month the flapping has gotten even more intense.  You’ve always flapped when excited, but now, it’s wild.  If you see anything that makes you happy or see someone you like, the arms just start moving like crazy.  This is a recurring event each day when Daddy gets home from work.  It’s safe to say you’re a little obsessed.  In other appendage-related news, you’ve gotten super into your feet/toes this month and as much as I see babies do it, I still think it is just the most darling thing.  You’re also content sucking on my toes, but I usually go into tickle hysterics and can’t last more than a few seconds.

Not loving the duck

You’ve pretty much settled into a 2-nap schedule this month, which I far prefer to the 2-nap schedule.  Lately, though, you’ve been waking early – boo.  While I love summer and its long hours of light, I am NOT into my babies waking well before I’d prefer.  We may need to look into some duct tape to stick our blackout curtains directly to the wall…

Food has become a lot more interesting to you this month.  We’re doing baby-led weaning with you like we did with your brother, and it’s been so fun to see you try out new things.  You’re a big fan of avocado, banana, and beans, and have been getting much more into grains lately – you love homemade bread and waffles, as well as an assortment of other fruits.  I love watching you experiment with new textures and flavors!  I do not, however, love the resultant diapers.  Nursing is so much easier in so many ways.  TMI?

Kina sweets, you’re still the happiest, smiliest, most patient, friendliest baby I’ve ever known.  Stranger anxiety fortunately hasn’t hit yet, and you are perfectly content being with anyone and will just smile and smile away at them.  Even if you are hungry or tired, if someone just picks you up and cuddles you and bops you around a bit, you’re perfectly happy to just flirt and coo at whoever will give you attention.  You are constantly getting comments on how sweet and calm and friendly you are, and people are always asking, “Is she always like this?”  I’m thrilled to say, yep, pretty much.  We hit the jackpot with you, little one.

love you forever,

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  • Hahaha! That is soooo the opposite with my baby! I mean, she's happy with US, but boy has that stranger anxiety set in (really, since she was about 3 months old)! Happy 8 months, sweet Kina!

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