Summer Latelies

Summer’s in full swing and we’ve already kicked into some fun little travels.
First up was Pittsburgh to visit Dan’s brother and his family.  It had been a while since we’d seen them, and oh, did we have fun.  N was particularly enamored of his cousin and they just loved being roomies for a couple of nights.
I can be friends with any city that has a million yellow bridges
A little bday celebration complete with cookie cake
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This was just a little nearby evening jaunt.  Our anniversary was on a Friday and Dan had the day off.  I had several activities planned, but it rained in the morning, so we moved a couple of them to the next day (HUGE shout out to lovely parents who watched their favorite smalls  two days in a row and didn’t complain for a second).  We still went to dinner on the day of, though and it.was.extraordinary.

Really, it was the best meal either of us has ever had.  Ever.  Ever ever.

It’s a restaurant that’s part of a farm so they use a lot of things they grow and the menu changes daily and is all seasonal and organic.  It’s a fixed menu so we had 8 courses of pure bliss – they even created a vegetarian menu for me.  Every single dish was just superb, I am not even exaggerating.  Dan actually said one of the dishes was the best meat he’s had in his life.  There were seemingly simple things like poached eggs and mushrooms or strawberry/goat cheese/asparagus salad that were just out of this world.  And then there were ramps and sweet pea/mint risotto and rhubarb upside down cake and chamomile sorbet.  That sorbet!  I’m still dreaming about it.

Plus, the ambiance and service were just the best ever.  Simple but utterly romantic and charming and I cannot believe I am still talking about this, but really, it is so fantastic.  If you are ever in the DC area with any excuse for a special occasion, please do yourself a favor and go there.

It was theeee most beautiful night
The next day had gorgeous weather so we went out and did our activities
We’ve always gone to the temple for our anniversary (usually to do sealings).  I love this tradition so much.

Then we went on a hike at Billy Goat Trail.  So fun and involved rock scrambling and incline-climbing and picnicking and viewing of excellent bumper stickers.

The amazing carrot bread they sent us home with as a little anniversary gift after dinner
Yep, baby deer!!  It had to have been just a few weeks old.
Baby deer!!  Skinny legs!!
Inadvertent matching…I know you’d like to be as cool as we are, but sometimes it’s just not possible
Strawberry Picking

Our Memorial Day weekend tradition.  Love it, love the farm, love these gorgeous little jewels.

Right before I relented and gave her a strawberry to keep her from grabbing all the leaves…which was right before I had strawberry juice running all down my back.  Also, THOSE LEGS.
Can you even stand this little face?
They have these awesome burlap sack slides there and N was in heaven.
There was a baby slide for K.  I think she liked it.
They also have pretend tractors.  Heaven, I say.
He’s always happy with a stick.  I think that’s what Ben Harper said?
Aaaand, N got a big boy bed (this is post-mattress, pre-bed arrival).  Knew this day would come at some point.  He enver climbed out while he was supposed to be sleeping, but sometimes would play in there and climbed out and hurt his wrist a couple of weeks ago.  So we decided it was time.  he really wanted K in there with him.  They hated it, clearly.
And huge congratulations to the negative one person who made it through my photo dump, you now have my permission to burn your eyes from all the images.

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  • Cue another enormous and predictable hankering to move back to the East Coast and be neighbors. Forever.


  • kina and nat look so much alike! they have darling, identical smiles!

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