Top 13 of 2013

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2013 was a fab year, mostly because those babies, you know.  They are not the worst.

Here are some of my faves from the year:

13.  Nats game.  I mean, the excitement.

12. Beach!  We ate enough sand to last the whole summer.

11. Joy School.  Funnest.

10. Camping.  Gorgeous, involved foil packet veggies and Moo Thru, all you need.

9. Learning the Articles of Faith with Nat and reading the Book of Mormon with the kids.  Loved it.

8. Roanoke.  There was a Friday night jamboree and giant lollies.  You may be starting to think our winners involve fun people and good food.  You would not be wrong.

7. Richmond Half Marathon.  Some of our favorites and pizza at the finish line.

6. Vermont – oh, that gorgeous land of cheese and ponies.  We loved you.  Also, Boston & Montreal.  Tops.

5. Holidays.  Astronat, farmers’ market birthday party, airplane birthday party, amazing Thanksgiving.  All of it.  Best.
4. Fourth of July in NYC with family.  Seriously, such fun.
And really, the year closed out on such a high note.
3. Advent.  It was perfect.  Seriously, so magical seeing the kids understand and love so much this year.  Made my heart sing whenever Nat recognized verses of scripture in songs and belted them out.
2. Nauvoo and Kirtland, you were every bit as special as I’d dreamed.  And somehow, being there in the winter seemed more authentic.  Standing at the edge of the frozen Mississippi River at the point where the early Saints began their walk to Utah, that there was a highlight.
1. Christmas was such a blast with the fam.  It was a little insane with 8 kiddos under 5 running around but it was seriously SO fun.  We already miss the games (hello, Taboo and Wii dance game) and the museums (St. Louis, you know how to do interactive museums.  I’m looking at you, Magic House and City Museum. Even if I thought I might die at the latter.).
Bonus 14! (Or 0?)  The day to day.  Cooking with the kids, figuring out some go-to quick recipes, watching Friends reruns, Nat potty training, organizing and paring down stuff, music, reading books, all of it, except those hours from about 5-6pm each day.  Didn’t usually love those.
Thanks, 2013.  You rocked.

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  • CAN I GET AN AMEN on the 5-6 pm hour! Sure wish I could black out for that most every day… Looks like you guys had a blast (of course I expected no less 🙂

  • Looks like such a fun year and I agree on the 5-6 although mine is more like 5-7. Can't believe how big those kiddos are getting!

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