Asian Art Museum & Main library

We were all surprised by just how much we loved the Asian Art Museum. While my family is Indian, I tend to prefer science-y and hands-on museums in addition to those with Western religious art. Still, we all found this museum fascinating and well laid-out.
They had a fun little kids booklet you could pick up that was sort of a low-key scavenger hunt. There were various prompts and the kids had to find pieces that fit those descriptions. It was perfect for helping them use their eyes to observe and learn.
There were also lots of great descriptions. We enjoyed learning about the history of a number of pieces. The kids especially loved the armor, and we loved a special exhibit with weaponry filled with jewels. The Japanese section was just beautiful, and we loved seeing the various shades of green in the jade. Finally, we really enjoyed learning a bit more about some Eastern religious, including Buddhism and Hinduism. We saw a Buddha riding on a chariot, and the kids enjoyed seeing various Hindu deities and later discussing them with my parents.
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After the museum, we stopped in at the main library. The children’s section had a big fun display with lots of peek-a-boos and little activities, which were perfect for the kids after engaging in “museum behavior” for a couple of hours. After that, we walked around Union Square for a few minutes and tried to ride the cable car back to near our apartment. Unfortunately, a car was malfunctioning, so we ended up just walking the couple miles back home instead, and then the kids crashed for some nice, long naps.

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