Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39 & Ghiradelli Square

Might as well get the touristy things done first, right?  This day, we walked by Liguria Bakery to pick up some fresh focaccia, down to Pier 39, by Fisherman’s Wharf, and ended up at Ghiradelli Square. From there, it was late and we were pushing bedtime, so we hopped on a quick bus ride home.
Liguria: they sell out fairly early in the day, so don’t plan to go pick some up in the evening. We got the olive and the mushroom. Both were delicious, but we had a slight preference for the mushroom. Well worth the hype as the best focaccia in the city.
Pier 39 is one of the most touristy things in the city, of course, but the kids loved seeing the sea lions all the same. It was a gorgeous day out, so we perched on the benches there, ate our focaccia, and watched the sea lions play and bark.
From there, we walked down toward Fisherman’s Wharf and stopped in at the San Francisco Chocolate Store. I let each of the kids pick out a tiny treat, and grabbed an ice cream to share. It was good…but not mind blowing. Still, I’m glad we picked up a chocolate here instead of waiting in the insane line at Ghiradelli.
We then passed by Boudin Bakery and had to stop in to get some sourdough. We got one long baguette and one shaped like a sea turtle, which was darling, of course. More on Boudin to come when I write up our tour of the factory there.
We passed by Fisherman’s Wharf and hopped on one of the old streetcars for a couple of stops on our way up to Ghiradelli. We sat by the fountain and wandered for a bit, and then caught the bus home. Near the end of our stay in San Francisco, we returned to Ghiradelli with Dan, and all got a sundae. I…didn’t love it. I know – the horror! I don’t prefer super sweet desserts, and this definitely was. Even Dan agreed, and he doesn’t usually turn his nose up at any sweets. That day, we got the brownie sundae (brownie was clearly from their box mix, the ice cream wasn’t anything special, and the whipped cream was from a can) and the chocolate milk (the most syrup-y tasting chocolate milk I’ve ever had. blech.). Fun for the experience, but I wouldn’t return.
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Why yes, those are really excellent and touristy yellow socks purchased from Walgreens. K was a getting a blister so emergency help was in order.

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