Bay Area: Fort Point

Fort Point is one of my very favorite spots in San Francisco. It’s perfect for appealing to both the lover of beauty and the history nerd in me. It’s not quite unheard of enough to be considered a hidden gem, but it’s certainly not not on the typical tourist path. It was originally built during the Civil War to defend California against attack, but it never actually experienced any fighting. Tucked under the base of the Golden Gate bridge, it’s masonry is also a gorgeous contrast to the bridge and the San Francisco Bay.
It’s super fun for kids to run around the big open spaces inside the fort to explore, but we mostly love to go for the views, which are some of my favorites of the bridge and of the Marin hills. I love it both in the sunshine and in the fog; that moody weather is so dramatic with the bridge.
We’ve also seen whales migrating under the bridge from here (it reminded us of this true-story children’s book about a whale struggling to return to his home in the ocean), so be sure to keep one eye on the water. It was amazing watching them swimming through, so close to us on top of the fort.
The hours are limited in the winter (only Fridays-Sundays), but I believe it’s open 7 days a week during the summer. And the exterior is always open, from where you can also get some good views.
Have you been to Fort Point? Do you like visiting lesser-known historical sites and viewpoints?

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