Bay Area: Lake Lagunitas

If there were ever a perfect, kid-friendly hike, Lake Lagunitas would be it.
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It’s another Marin County gem, tucked into Fairfax. It’s about a 1.5 mile loop that’s almost all flat, but with plenty of interesting things for kids big and small. It’s definitely more of a walk than a hike, which is great when you have smaller kids along.

The views all along the trail are gorgeous, with beautiful trees and wildflowers, as well as near-constant peeks of the reservoir.

From the parking lot, we climbed up to the dam and went left (clockwise). We spent the first good bit walking and running along the lovely trail, picking up plenty of sticks along the way. About halfway in, there’s a bridge that crosses over the stream, which was a fun spot to stop and throw rocks.

Our kids’ favorite part, by far, was maybe 10 minutes after that point. In that area, the redwood trees shoot up and provide plenty of shade. They also have lots of openings carved out, which is a kid’s dream. It’s perfect for climbing and pretend play. My kiddos loved pulling themselves up to crazy heights, and pretending everything from cooking to fairy gardens. They could’ve spent hours there, and asked to return the second we wrenched them away.


Be sure to have $8 for parking (there is a machine to pay with a card), and stop by Fairfax Scoop for ice cream after!

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