Global Learning Dinners with Kids

I’m so excited to start this series about global learning with kids! If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that I’ll be leading a virtual weekly dinner group focused on global learning – the Family Explorers Dinner Club. I believe so strongly that while it’s amazing to learn through travel, you don’t have to go across the world in order to develop a foundation of global education. There are so many resources for us to learn and teach our kids right in our own homes!

Last week on my Instagram, I suggested doing a weekly dinner to eat some food from a country and discuss a few things about it, and lots of you were interested in joining. Here’s how it will work (including info on PRIZES!):


How to Do Global Family Dinners

– We’ll start the week of 4/29/19 for 4 weeks.

– We’ll do the following countries: Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and India.

– The week before, I’ll provide some super EASY resources to spark conversations: a quick, dinner-length version of my Global Learning Guides (there are several lengthier versions for different countries here on my site); a couple easy links; a book suggestion if you want to look at your library; and possibly even a video. 😳

– We’ll do our dinners on Sunday nights, but you can do yours any day that week.

– I’ll share the (quick and vegetarian-friendly) recipe we will use, but you can, of course, make whatever you want.

– Everything is more fun with PRIZES! Each Saturday, I’ll choose a winner from the week before to whom I’ll send a copy of one of my favorite books about the country. You choose – children’s or adult. Then at the end, I’ll choose someone who has participated all 4 weeks to send a book from EACH country! Enter by posting about your Family Explorers Dinner in your Instagram feed or Stories and TAGGING me. (DM me a screenshot if your account is private.)

– I’ll save the info in my Instagram highlights and will tag it with #familyexplorersdinnerclub if you want to find it easily

Basically, I have 4 goals: FUN. EASY. LEARN. TOGETHER. I can’t wait.

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