100 Conversation Starters About Race When Talking To Kids

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Conversation starters about race can be tricky, especially when talking to kids. As a mom of 5, I know that I want to proactively bring it up, but I also sometimes fumble for words. But usually, if I can ask questions and get my kids talking, they open up.

Often, once we begin conversations, we don’t even need the prompts to talk about race because the conversation flows naturally. The biggest tip is to look for opportunities to answer questions and not shame kids for noticing race. It’s an obvious physical characteristic, and children are little observers! Still, those are wonderful opportunities to make it clear that skin color doesn’t dictate our choices, actions, and words.

As our kids ask questions, we can answer them in a neutral way. Race is an important factor in the lived experience for so many, so it’s important to not ignore it. Instead, we can celebrate it and recognize the impact it has on our society and societal understanding.

I hope these conversation prompts about race are exactly that – an opening to have bigger conversations. I’d love to hear any other prompts for talking about race that have been helpful to you!


100 Conversation Starters About Race When Talking To Kids


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