Our Hanging Kitchen Fruit Baskets

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For the longest time, we kept fruit in bowls on our counter. We either used a ceramic serving bowl or a big bamboo bowl.

But when we redid our kitchen, we removed the step up on our kitchen island (hallelujah!) so it didn’t make as much sense to keep multiple bowls of fruit there. Part of the point of having a large, flat counter was so we’d have space to sit, eat, cook, and work. I didn’t want that space taken up with overflowing bowls!

Plus, with a family our size, there was no way to keep it all in one bowl. For the day or two after going grocery shopping, we’d have a minimum of 3 bowls with fruit stacked high.

Our Kitchen Fruit Organization

In the past, we’d kept some potatoes and onions in the cupboard in a plastic bin lined with paper towels. But even though it was cool and dry, we noticed it still often smelled musty. So we decided an option for keeping everything out was best.

I decided a hanging wall solution would be most functional so that we didn’t take up unnecessary counter space. So I started hunting for hanging fruit baskets that could mount on the wall.

I knew I wanted something we could see into – visible fruit is definitely something we reach for more often and gets wasted less. My kids often reach for fruit as an after-school snack and we all eat it more when it’s out and available. But I didn’t want something that was wire or mesh on the bottom. We’ve found that those too often smush the fruit and make it and other pieces go rotten quickly, creates a mess in the basket, and drips below. Yuck, especially when we wanted them hanging on the wall.

Hanging Basket Options

We originally considered a tiered basket organizer like this. But there were a few issues with that. First, these were wire on the bottom, which didn’t take care of the smushing issue. Second, it wasn’t that big. Third, if we hung it from the ceiling like intended, it would be too high for several of our kids to reach.

So then I considered some wall-mounted baskets like this. But they seemed like they would be impossible to clean if needed. We also considered these (too deep and too ugly) and this (too unwieldy if mounted to a wall).

Our Hanging Fruit Baskets with a Solid Base

I finally landed on these hanging wire fruit baskets. They’re sturdy and perfect for holding fruit. And the best part is they have a flat bamboo bottom tray to prevent pieces from getting smushed into wire! The bamboo is smooth and easy to clean and has some naturally antimicrobial properties. We haven’t had any issues with fruit getting smushed in there or spoiling too fast. I love that they’re not too deep (we didn’t want tons stacked on top of one another) and easy to reach into for my kids.

We have 6 baskets (3 of these sets) hung on a wall in our kitchen near the table and they’ve been perfect for us!

At first, we just hung them with these hooks, but a couple of those weren’t quite as stable as we wanted, so we decided to install something a bit more sturdy. Instead, we just got a strip of this primed MDF, cut it to size, and attached it into the wall. Then we screwed the baskets directly to that piece, and put a piece of curved foam on the back bottom edge so it wouldn’t scratch the wall.

What kitchen organizing solutions have been helpful to you? Is there a certain way you like to store your fruit and vegetables that don’t go in the refrigerator?


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