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I’ve been considering a way to better connect with this amazing community on a bit more personal level. Sometimes, it’s just harder to share what I want in a few Instagram words, but it doesn’t really merit an entire blog post. I’d love to share a bit more personal, current, real life with you all and hear from you in return.

Introducing LPF Updates!

What Is LPF Updates?

LPF Updates will be a weekly newsletter sharing a bit more about us, the Local Passport Family. Here’s a bit of what it will include:

  • Reveals of personal travel destinations before Instagram and before I have a chance to write up full posts here on the blog
  • Casual travel or day-to-day life updates
  • Domestic & international, city & outdoors destination inspiration
  • Travel tips & tricks
  • A few favorite deals

When/How Often Will I Get An LPF Update?

Expect to receive LPF Updates right to your inbox every Friday!

How Much Does LPF Updates Cost?

While I considered a subscriber option, I’m very aware of how travel and the outdoors continue to disproportionately exclude members of marginalized communities. In an effort to help make these spaces more available and accessible to all, LPF Updates will be completely FREE.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up below!

LPF Updates

Get personal each week with LPF!

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