11 Tips to Afford Family Travel

Last year, we traveled to 20 countries with 4 kids aged 7 and under. Even I recoil a little at the thought of that.There were tantrums and frustrations and hangry attacks. The kids had their moments, too. 😉 But there … Read More


10 Lessons from 20 Countries in 2018

10 Lessons from 20 Countries in 2018 Contributed by Daniel Harbuck   Condensed from hundreds of lessons the world taught us while traveling as a family of six this year. After all, you seldom appreciate a moment for everything it’s … Read More

6 People, 2 Months, 1 Suitcase

Before leaving for our summer in Europe, we debated a lot of different packing configurations. Should we do carry-on only? Should we check a couple of small roller bags on the long-haul flights, then carry them on for shorter flights? … Read More


Three Days in Copenhagen (with Kids!)

Our kids seriously loved Copenhagen so much – and so did we! It’s one of those cities that has a really great mix of adult-and-kid-friendly things to do, and sites the whole family will enjoy. Here’s how I’d recommend spending … Read More