2024 Family Adventure Log

If you’re looking for a fun way to both encourage and document family adventures big and small, near and far this year, pop in your email below and this free printable log will come right to your inbox!
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The end of the year always has me thinking of what big and small adventures we’d like to include in the coming year, as well as reflect on the ones we’ve had in the past year. For a few years, I’ve thought it would be fun to have a way to document these in a way the whole family can see – enter the 2024 Family Adventure Log!

This free printable is a perfect way to list out a few hoped-for activities throughout the year, as well as document the ones that happen throughout the year with the cute signposts.

How To Use the 2024 Family Adventure Log

You could color the whole thing in now and write in the adventures as they happen, or you could color a new section each time you do an adventure. You could do one for the whole family, or individual ones for each family member.

You could include things like hikes, trips, museum visits, camping, beach days, and more.

You could use it as a way to intentionally seek out more local adventures or dedicated family time – things like playgrounds, school functions, or city festivals.

You could even use it as a way to seek out only free adventures! The possibilities are endless. I hope that however you use it, it encourages you and your people to explore more in the coming year!

How To Print the Family Adventure Log

I love the adventure log printed on a normal sheet of paper to set on a desk, and I really love it printed as a large engineering print. They usually only cost a few dollars and it’s so fun to hang up a poster-sized sheet on the wall! (Instructions HERE for how to print a large copy inexpensively.) Or it would be fun to print a tiny copy to keep handy in your wallet!

Get The Free 2024 Family Adventure Log

If you’d like a copy of the 2024 family adventure log, just pop in your email below – it’ll come right to your inbox. If you share on Instagram, I’d love if you’d tag me @localpassportfamily – I can’t wait to see how you use them!


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