A Few of My 2024 Goals + A Word To Remember

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To me, new year’s goals are for overarching changes in habits and lifestyle to make my life more of what I want it to be. I love and feel very grateful for my life, and want to make it more of what I love each year! So while I think about some smaller things to accomplish, I usually use this as a time to think about broader changes, with some fun specifics.

This is also the first year I’ve decided to choose a word to focus and reflect on: QUIET. It’s a really simple one, but one that I hope colors how I respond, what I seek, and what I inspire in our home.

Here are a few of the things I’m working on this year!

1. Bedtime!

This is one that I’ve wanted to master for years. But we’ve had a lot happening – lots of babies and little kids, a huge move, and just lots going on in general. But I really do feel better and happier when I’m actually rested, and this is the year I’m committing to actually going to bed at a reasonable hour. 11pm to be lying down is my goal!

2. Read 52 Books

I love reading and have been a big reader since I was a tiny kid. My kids are big readers. And yet – the last year was my very worst reading year in decades and I only read a handful of books. After my dad passed away, I had a really difficult time picking up anything to read or listen to; I just couldn’t do it. And then the habit got away from me. I’m looking forward to getting back in the habit and finding joy in reading agin!

3. Fix My Pelvic Floor

Look, another thing I’ve been meaning to do for years and am finally taking care of now that we’re done having babies! I’m planning to use this program.

4. Religious Women Personal Study

For a few years, I’ve been feeling more connected to the feminine Divine, but due to how religion is often taught, and due to my own lack of investigation, my knowledge on women in the scriptures and other religious female figures has been lacking. I’m really looking forward to spending some time studying and pondering spiritual lessons from a female perspective. I’m planning to use this podcast, this course outline, this website, this podcast episode, this book and this book and this book, and a variety of sources about Hindu goddesses.

5. Go On A 40th Birthday Trip + Visit 6 New Countries

It’s a big birthday year for me! I’ve been putting off sending an email to a few friends to see if I can rustle together some sort of girls’ trip. But I’m going to put on my brave pants and do it. 🙂

In other travel goals, I’d like to visit a few new-to-me places this year. Six new ones would put me at a total of 90 countries, and that just sounds like a fun round number, doesn’t it? This also feels like a manageable number to leave time for exploring locally, too.

6. Host Once A Month

As an introvert living in a new place (especially a place that has plenty of amazing solo and family activities to keep us occupied), it’s easy to ignore getting to know new people. It takes work! But I really want to build close community here in London, and one of the best ways I’ve found is to have people in our home. I’m excited to host another family at least once a month!

7. Hike Once A Month + Visit 5/10 English National Parks

If you’ve been here a while, you know I’ve started to feel so much joy and freedom in the outdoors. But it’s harder to make space for that when living in a big city! London is amazing with its green spaces, though, and there’s lots of natural beauty nearby, too. Now that we’re a bit more settled and have taken advantages of some of the joys of city life, I’d like to venture beyond that and not only take advantage of some of the city green spaces, but visit a few of England’s National Parks, too.

8. Couples / Family Therapy

Dan has had really good experiences with individual therapy in the last few years, and has been a big proponent of us trying it out. I’ve heard so many wonderful things from so many close friends, and I’m really excited to finally carve out time for it this year.

9. Online Journal

A few times over the years, I’ve kept those lovely 3-year journals. (I think this one is especially beautiful.) And I’ve realized that they just don’t work great for me. For one, I often remember something to jot down from the day as I’m lying down in bed, and then I’m not super enthusiastic about getting up and retrieving my journal. Second, and more importantly, we travel frequently enough (and also pack light enough) that I don’t have it with me for a good chunk of the year. An online journal, unfancy as it is, just works better for me.

So here’s my intention to simply jot something to remember – even a tiny funny moment or happy picture – from each day in my online journal.

10. Make Two New Family Photobooks

Last year, I found a system to speed through making family photobooks MUCH more easily than I ever had before. I managed to make two photobooks and I’m thrilled about it. I’m hoping to make two more this year!


4 Responses

  • What a fabulous list of goals. I wish I lived in London and could be one of your new friends! 🙂

    On my journey with the feminine Divine, I really loved the novel The Book of Longings, and the memoir-ish Dance of the Dissident Daughter, both by Sue Monk Kidd.

    • Thank you so much for these suggestions – looking them up now!!

  • Sara Talbot says:

    Love this! I LOVE goal writing! (And attempting to work on them!)
    My goals for this year:
    1. 40 acts of kindness to celebrate turning 40!
    2. Establish a morning routine that doesn’t involve my phone.
    3. Play with the boys for 15 minutes every day after school. Set a timer.
    4. Four date nights with Ben
    5. Dance class 20x
    6. Fun date with each boy (I have 3 boys)
    7. Plant a garden
    8. Say hello to the ocean
    9. 3 months of yoga with Adrienne plans!
    10. 4 weeks of Pilates plans
    11. Floss teeth daily
    12. Serve at a church/in the body of Christ
    13. Read one historical account of the church
    14. 3 buy nothing months
    15. Hot air balloon ride
    16. Zip lining
    17. Silent retreat
    18. Walk a marathon
    19. Aim for a sleep score of 85+ 5/7 nights

    And my word for the year is Dwell. ❤️

    • These are SO inspiring and have my wheels turning a bit! Thank you for sharing!

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