Our Favorite Prime Day 2023 Deals for Traveling Families

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I try hard to be thoughtful in what we purchase, and to not just buy for the sake of buying. In general, our family far prefers focusing on experiences over things but there are a few items we’ve loved over the years that are helpful both at home and while out exploring. A few of them are on sale, so I hope that sharing helps save you some money and support some wonderful family adventures!

From My Instagram Post

I shared 4 favorite travel items that are on sale for Prime Day in this reel. Here they are!

  • Mini portable charger – I adore this thing. Truly the best. Love that it plugs directly into my phone so doesn’t need a cord, charges it around 1.5-2x, and is super small and lightweight. I’ve used it constantly during this trip.
  • Luggage for families – we love two brands and they’re both on sale!
    • THIS is the one big suitcase we brought on our current 2 month trip and it’s great. Super durable, roomy, and really lightweight so we have the most weight for our actual stuff.
    • We also love both the carry on size and the 29″ checked size of THIS brand. SO well made.
    • Here’s all our favorite luggage for families
  • Car seat luggage strap – This strap is so simple but amazing for attaching your car seat to a suitcase so you’re not carrying it in your arms all through the airport. It even allows your child to sit in it while you pull it, turning your suitcase into a stroller!
  • Folding lightweight backpacks – This isn’t the exact model we have (ours doesn’t seem to be sold anymore), but it’s the exact same idea and is on sale. We always throw a couple of these in our luggage. They’re great for redistributing weight, containing stuff (like raincoats) for a day out without completely unpacking another travel backpack, or carrying around snacks.

Other Prime Day Deals

Here are a ton of other really good deals on items we use and love – I hope it saves you some money while addressing a need. They’re perfect for saving for winter holiday gifts, adding to a friend birthday gift bin (I hate having to run out for a gift last minute!), or holding onto for a special summer day.

Travel Items

Children’s Items

  • Kids Kindle – An absolute MUST for us, both at home and while traveling. My 4 older kids each have one and it helps them read soooo much more, especially when we’re away from home. This is a fantastic deal on them either for your kids or for yourself (the Kids version is the exact same as the regular version but comes with a case and Kindle Unlimited for a while).
  • Don’t forget to sign up for 3 TOTALLY FREE months of Kindle Unlimited!
  • Visual timer – We own two of these and we added both of them to the pile of stuff to ship to our new home in London – that should tell you how great they are, haha! My kids use them for music practice, clean up time, screens, and more.
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – One of our VERY favorite family games. It says it’s great for ages 8 to adult but we’ve had kids as young as 3 play and enjoy it.
  • LCD Drawing Tablet – These are so great for travel. Both A (5) and M (3) brought them on this extended trip and have used them constantly.
  • Magnetic tiles – I am NOT a toy person but this is one of just a handful I’ve purchased for my kids and they’ve been so worthwhile. Magically fantastic for a huge variety of ages.
  • Bookshop is having a free shipping sale, and you can support independent bookstores

Outdoor Gear

Women’s Fashion

  • Lace-edged swiss dot top – I’ve had this top for about 2 years and love that it’s easy breezy but a step up from a basic tee
  • Levi 501 jeans – These are sooo good. Perfect fit and length, and super comfy.
  • Wrap-front swimsuit – One of my top 3 swimsuits that I’ve worn super frequently for the last 3 years and it’s held up great. I have the orange color block version.
  • Half-sleeve midi dress – I adore this dress and have had it in navy for a couple years. I wanted something a bit brighter and more fun for our summer travels, so I got the green version, too, and love it.
  • My favorite swim cover up (that also doubles as a top when traveling)
  • The maternity swimsuit I LOVED


Deals from Other Retailers

Here are a few deals from other places this week!

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